Is my age appropriate for wearing princess wedding dress for my wedding?

I am in my mid 30s and I am soon to get married. I wanted to get married earlier; however, it couldn’t happen though. Nevertheless, my fiancée is back from his job, hale and hearty (as I always wished him to see, he is in army!), and we are set to tie the knot next month. Anyways, I had a query regarding my wedding gown, as I was really keen on wearing a princess wedding dress like Diana, or Catherine. However, I am a bit apprehensive as I feel that I am slightly over aged for wearing long princess wedding gowns. Nonetheless, my fiancée has no restrictions, and he wants me to keep it simple, as he finds me beautiful that ways! I have a small built, and I want to know if some fashion expert can please advice if I can wear a princess wedding dress for my wedding and still look simple in it! I would be thankful for an appropriate advice.

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