Which color would suit the best for the personalized wedding stationery for my wedding?

My wedding is planned for 30th of November, and it is going to be an outdoor wedding. My dad has asked me to decide for the theme and wedding stationery. I had a plan to use pink and white color as the color theme, as I love pink color, and my fiancée’s favorite color is white. I thought of using these colors on the personalized wedding stationery as well. However, my uncle has advised to go for a color change presently, because there aren’t enough pink and white colored wedding stationery for order of service cards. My fiancée has advised me to keep simple pink color cards for the order of service cards, whereas my dad has advised to use black colored card with dark pink colored engravings, as he thinks it to be apt for the theme considering cool weather. I would like to know from some expert, whether which color for my personalized wedding stationery would go best with the theme of my wedding and the cool weather as well. Please help!

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