Arizona teens play music at wedding ceremonies

wedding music musical bands

If you feel that only popular and well known bands play amazing wedding music you are surely mistaken. Here is a group of school kids from three Gilbert high schools who calls themselves ‘Combobulations String Quartet’ who is ready to rock your wedding night all dressed in black-tie attire.

Well, folks they are doing this so that they can get some additional pocket money: they charge a minimum rate of $200 per hour and they will play anything for you, right from Classical to popular, quartet seeking gigs, birthday songs and many more.

Listen to what Lauren Mulligan, 16; a junior viola player has to say: ‘It’s something fun to do on the side, doing our music and trying to get some cash, doing what we enjoy’.

This band has been playing wedding songs for almost a decent part of their lives now and they really know how to get the crowd rocking: though they had a slight problem in the very first day at a wedding party, now they know what they have to do to create a beautiful ambience with their wonderful music’s.

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