Awesome designer wedding rings

The wedding ring is the representation of the circle of your partner’s love. It is a symbol of an eternal promise that each of you make to the other. That being said, it is definitely one of the consistent accessories on your person (given that you support wearing wedding rings!). It has to be versatile enough to go with every kind of settings, dresses and occasions. More importantly, the thoughts that you put in to choosing the pair of wedding rings (his and hers) for the ceremony, will only reflect on the grace and awesome style of the ornament. Overwhelmed with the task? Here are a few of the most popular (and awesome) options, look to be inspired!

Classic Winston, Round Brilliant-Cut Ring

The classic touch never goes out of fashion. You can wear this ring forever and every time, it will sparkle with renewed fire to remind you, just how lucky you are to have a blissfully wedded life. The ring itself is a sparkling beauty with a platinum band supporting one brilliant cut diamond as the center stone. The diamond is colorless, round and the cut is exquisite enough to catch and reflect every bit of light in a room. To complete the picture, tapered baguette stones surround the center stone. The Winston brand is enough to ensure you of the quality and clarity of the piece.

BUCCELLATI 18K White Gold Diamond Band Ring

Mario Buccellati is another trademark designer name in the industry that requires no introduction. Obviously, a piece, as beautiful as the BUCCELLATI 18K White Gold Diamond Band Ring will have to be mentioned in this list. This ring boasts of an 18K white gold band glittering with 1.0 carats diamonds set in the Buccellati lattice foliate. The ring is not only ornate but also downright gorgeous. It suits almost every bride (regardless of the shape of the hands or design considerations-modern vs. traditional).

Platinum with baguette-cut diamonds

Vintage collections of wedding rings always surprise new brides with small tokens of gorgeous splendor. This chic ring (vintage from Van Cleef and Arpels) is no different. It is breathtaking in its simplicity. A wide platinum band (slight graduation in thickness front to back by the range 6 mm to 5 mm) with baguette cut diamonds (white, 4 carats total). It is elegant in its classic lines and is all set to bring a smile of glory to every new bride.

Tiffany Garden cobblestone band ring

Tiffany is “The’ brand for everlasting jewelry and when it comes to your wedding ring, nothing short of everlasting will do. This beautiful Tiffany ring (Garden and Cobblestone design) is just as graceful as a blushing new bride. Rose cut diamonds is paired in different sizes and set in a remarkable design on a Platinum band. Two rows of smaller brilliant cut diamonds line the design pattern on the ring. The ring definitely adds a sense of style with the dreamy design.

Jean Schlumberger Lynn ring

The design of the wedding ring needs to be specifically different from your regular fashion rings. The style, the material and the sense of the ring should compliment your personality in a way none of your other accessories ever do. This Jean Schlumberger Lynn (designer) ring is custom made for just such an occasion. It is probably one of the most popular designs by the designer. Set in a band of 18K gold and Platinum, the round diamonds (brilliant cut) sparkle in a pattern of crisscross petals. This Ring appeals to the whims of the day.

Possession wedding ring G34A6100 by Piaget

27 square cut diamonds and 160 brilliant cut diamonds entwined on a wedding ring made of 18K white gold- this ring is aptly called, ‘The Possession’. The two bands in the wedding ring join (inseparably) to signify the promise made on this day. It is truly a significant representation of the wedding pledge of honor, commitment and love. The Possession comes with the Piaget brand of authenticity and trust.

Rose motif ring by Piaget

The Rose- by Yves Piaget is one of the most popular and special designs ever (with regards to wedding rings). The design is elegant and timeless and the representation of a rose in full bloom captures the essence of your marriage’s perfect unfolding years. The ring belongs to the magic gardens line and uses the Piaget rose motif set in a ring of 18K white gold. There are 178 diamonds (total), brilliant cut, and a center stone also brilliant cut and set to offset the final design.

Chopard Happy Diamonds Hearts 18K White Gold Diamond Ring

You strive to join your heart with your partner’s on your wedding. The Chopard Happy Diamonds Hearts ring celebrates this very intent. Two hearts beating as one and the ring can be on your finger all your life to remind you of this joyous event. The ring comprises of a smaller heart encircled within a larger heart on an 18K white gold ring. The smaller heart is actually a single floating diamond (0.05 carats). The outer heart is all set with exquisite diamonds to represent the beauty of the Happy diamonds concept unique to Chopard.

Chopard sapphire ring

Chopard, the brand has been consistently linked with brilliant yet whimsical jewelry pieces. Each design line introduced by the brand has managed to attract the attention for their exceptional quality and the significance of the designs. The Chopard Sapphire Ring is a unique design, which has been extremely popular since its launch. The ring as a 31-Carat Sapphire shaped like a perfect heart. This centerpiece is surrounded by pave diamonds, which extend almost all around the ring band as well. This is the ring for every wedding (regardless of the theme, the shape of the fingers or even the cultural differences). This ring is set to steal hearts and solidify the promise of the day.

Bridge by Harry Winston

Harry Winston jewelry has been significantly associated with the uniqueness of design and the splendor of the brand. Weddings are supposed to be your most splendid day when you are the star of the show. The attention grabbing effect of The Bridge by Harry Winston remains unparalleled in the history of accessories launched each year. The ring is a beautiful composition of sapphire and diamonds that sparkle with a brilliant intensity. The sapphire is a cushion-cut beauty of 7.31 carats that is set as the center piece of the bridge design. 90 round diamonds (brilliant cut) and baguette diamonds make up the rest of the ring design on a platinum band.

MARRYME solitaire ring by Bulgari

Simple is the best recourse to bring out the contrasts of a grand wedding. The classic lines and the simple beauty of a ring such as the MARRYME solitaire ring by Bulgari, never goes out of style. Bulgari is one of the most prized brands for tasteful diamond jewelry in the present market. This particular Bulgari ring comes in a simple design of a solitaire diamond, round and brilliant cut set on platinum band. The design is boldly modern yet timeless in its grace.

Mikimoto Couture Gold South Sea & Pave Diamond Ring

Mikimoto is definitely not new to the world of designer jewelry brands. This brand has repeatedly proved its mettle with awesome designs and graceful additions to its line of sophisticated designer jewelry. The uniqueness of the jewelry from Mikimoto is that they use unique precious stones and materials to create authentic pieces. This particular ring is an 18k white gold band which sports a 12 mm-golden pearl (south sea) as the centerpiece. The pearl is surrounded with a pave diamond halo and curve design at one corner. The design also includes a pave (round cut) diamond ball as one of the design accents.

Couture Ring by Mikimoto

Natural elements and motifs have always been a special favorite for wedding related jewelry. These motifs signify the bond of marriage, they are graceful in a timeless variety and exquisite enough to suit every occasion and dresses post your wedding party. Keeping to this intent, the couture ring by Mikimoto has been created to capture the beauty of a fresh bloom and set it on your finger. Mikimoto has always used unique stones and materials for their jewelry. In this ring, the star attraction is the centerpiece of a 13 mm white South sea pearl (cultured). The design is set on a platinum band and the center pearl is surrounded by 2.7 carats of diamonds set in the pattern of unfurling petals of a flower motif.

Trinity wedding ring N4227600 by Cartier

Your wedding is a celebration of an eternal promise. It is necessary to adorn it with a wedding ring, which is just as symbolic and meaningful as much it exudes a graceful beauty. A Cartier ring has always been associated with the heights of fashion but the Trinity ring is eternally the most popular choice for the celebration of the loving promise on weddings (through the ages). The ring is a 3 gold rings (18K) pattern enmeshed together to signify the joining of two souls and hearts. The rings are set with diamonds to offset the simple lines of the design.

Cartier wedding ring N4209600

Cartier is the brand for all jewelry pieces for the most important events of your life. Since, your wedding is one of the most memorable days for you and your wedding ring the most cherished of your jewelry. With Cartier’s timeless wedding band, you can mark this day and keep this exceptional piece of jewelry as a symbol of everything your marriage means to you. The ring is a 950% platinum band (width 1.8 mm) set with brilliant cut diamonds all around in a majestic design. No wonder it is one of the most popular choices for wedding rings since its launch.

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