Be a relaxed bride with fertility treatments and surrogacy options at your fingertips

Wedding is the biggest event of your life and the next big celebration will be when you get pregnant. Pregnancy is a part of wedded life and most couples wants to bring their offspring to the world within two to three years of marriage. However, gynecological problems can make you incapable of enjoying the bliss of parenthood. Before getting married you must visit a reputed gynecologist with your partner to make sure that both of you are fit for procreation. In case you or your partner is diagnosed with infertility issues then contact Fertility Clinic Americas without hesitating. It is one of the best fertility clinics based in Mexico that offers advanced fertility treatments and surrogacy facility to the couples intending to be parents. With Fertility Clinic Americas on board every couple can embark on the journey of matrimony with full confidence.

Best in class Assisted Reproductive Treatments

assisted hatching

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At Fertility Clinic Americas you will get the top rated and most advanced fertility treatments. It offers In-Vitro fertilization treatment which is an artificial mode of fertilization that is conducted in monitored laboratory environment. In this procedure the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the womb because either the female partner is incapable of conceiving or cannot produce quality eggs due to some serious gynecological problem. This method of fertilization can also help couples if the male partner does not produce quality sperms or one of the partners has some sort of genetic disorder. Apart from IVF one can also opt for fertility treatments like IUI, IMSI, ICSI and assisted hatching. Intra-Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection increases the success rate of In-vitro fertilization technology. It helps in the selection of quality sperms for fertilization. Through assisted hatching, the expert gynecologists and fertility specialists hatch the embryo in laboratories before transplanting it into the mother’s womb.

Changing the life of couples through surrogacy facilities


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Fertility Clinic Americas has a comprehensive database of surrogate candidates aged below 35 from different ethnic and racial backgrounds to accommodate the surrogacy requirements of clients. In case the female partner’s womb is incapable of giving the right environment for the embryo, couples can opt for safe and secured surrogacy with Fertility Clinic Americas’s aid. Its surrogacy services are transparent, honest and above board.

Egg donation for making your life complete

Egg donation

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Without a child your married life won’t be complete. Instead of sighing at the happiness of parenthood enjoyed by your friends you should consider the advanced fertility treatments offered by Fertility Clinic Americas. Women who are suffering from an early menopause or have poor egg quality can take the help of egg donors at the clinic. It has an extensive list of egg donors who are healthy and trustworthy.

Fertility Clinic Americas is doing a commendable job in making the marital life of couples blissful. It serves couples from all regions around the world ethically and offers the best fertility treatments at easily affordable prices.

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