Make a swashbuckling appearance at your wedding with these bridal entry ideas

The most precious dream of a woman is to get married. Everything must be out of the world when it comes to being a bride. And what’s more special than a spectacularly majestic and mesmerizing entry. That’s right! A bride’s entry must be a pleasure to look at. Let us introduce you some fabulous entry ideas for brides.

Flash mob or mass dance entry

Wedding garden party

Planning for a unique but fun entrance in a nontraditional way? Are you phobic to the stare of so many people? Are you afraid of walking down the aisle all alone? Well this option is fit for you. Make your friends, bridesmaids, groom’s maids, in-laws and your parents a part of your grand entrance.

Choose a song with catchy beats. In order for a mass dance entry, everyone will walk down the aisle dancing some easy steps starting with your parents followed by friends, bridesmaids and groom’s maids as couples. The last couple should be the bride and the groom dancing their feet off starting their own rhythmic life.

For the flash mob entry, make all the flash mob dancers sit with the rest of the guests. Before the bride enters with the music starting as per the practice, individuals will rise and start dancing among people. After the group gathers in front of the entrance door, music will stop or change.

Standing at the back of the mob the hidden bride will be revealed as everyone will walk back to their seats the moment music stops. This unexpected way will make your entry rememberable for you as well as every single person present. You will be the star of the hit show put up by everyone. People will actually celebrate you and the new start of your life.

Lights, spotlight and drama!

portrait of a three beautiful woman in wedding dress

If you are planning for a night wedding, entry with lanterns in your bridesmaid’s hands will make you a sight to be seen. You can create this majestic effect anywhere anytime. Dim the lights just before the bride enters.

With the spotlight focused on you walking to your man, every eye will be glued to you for those some seconds. Indian brides are nowadays using small bulbs in the “chaddar” above them to create this effect.

The best a girl can get


Walking down the aisle on the most important day of your life with the person you started your life with is the most honored, prestigious and emotional way. A girl can ask for nothing more than her superhero giving her away to the closest possible hero for you.

Just you and me

Walking couple

If your father giving you away and walking you down the aisle isn’t an option, if you don’t consider yourself the daddy’s girl, if you are an independent strong and so-in-love woman then this is it for you. Walk halfway alone, bump into your man waiting for you and then complete the rest of the way with him by your side just the way you want it to be forever.

The wedding day is your day. Make the best of it the way you want it to be. Celebrate it in the special way as it is supposed to be. Take some of these tips and rock the day baby!

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