Beautiful henna wedding cakes for your wedding

Henna paste on bride’s hands is a unique tradition around the world. Brides adorn their hands and feet with various designs since ages but with the course of time, there has been a lot of creative shift in the tradition. Now, henna designs are also coming in wedding cakes and several shades of red, orange and brown color are carved in a beautiful way resulting in a unique wedding cake design. These henna designs can be geometric or any sort of creative designs that give a wonderful look the wedding cake. These kinds of designs in wedding cake are also the best ways to connect with the ancient traditions as you start a new chapter in your life.Below are some of the best henna wedding cakes that you can consider for your wedding. Read on:

Wedding cake with henna design

Red Indian henna wedding cake

Henna wedding cake from HennaLounge

Purple and blue henna wedding cake

Colorful Indian henna wedding cake

Tiffanyblue henna wedding cake

Rose decorated henna wedding cake

Beautiful henna wedding cake

Maples henna wedding cake

Henna style bridal cake

IndAroma henna wedding cake

Mehndi mandala wedding cake

Cakelava henna wedding cake

Black and white henna wedding cake

Elegant piped scroll design henna wedding cake

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