Happy family: Being a housewife really helps

familyLadies, don’t take it in the negative sense. I myself am a staunch believer in Feminism and not at all a supporter of the MCPs. But today I would love to say something to you all.
It is not possible to run a family as well as give equal importance to the office tantrums. Your child needs you when s/he is in the growing stage.

Being a homemaker is not a taboo neither a discrimination of equality. If you want to continue your job, look for something that can also be carried out from your home. If your hubby is an understanding chap, even he might help you in taking care of the children’s.

One major problem for the frequent domestic conflict is the communication gap and moments that you miss out with your family. Just try something different for a few days, if not on a longer basis. Your marriage will be saved. But I must say it is not the duty of only the wife to make compromises, the husband should also be equally involved in it.

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