Best blue diamond engagement rings

A sparkle characteristic to diamonds is sure something that symbolizes an eternal love. Like love diamonds too vary in experience and the colors they bring to life. Blue, yellow, violet and pink are one of the most loved diamonds by those who appreciate the beauty. A blue diamond engagement ring is a unique engagement ring if you have the right one with you. Blue diamonds are too rare and are looked by the wealthy and rich to express love and style in their own way. A process named irradiation is responsible for the creation of the blue diamonds. So now we have got some blue diamond engagement rings and we would like you to have a glance to all of them.

1 Carat Blue Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Gold

This is a vibrant and sparkling blue diamond engagement ring that has been built from the 14 carat gold. It has the double tone to it that looks stylish. You can get this one in white or the yellow gold options. There is a central brilliant cut round diamond set in a prong setting to the engagement ring. It is a good choice to be made if you are planning a wedding ahead with some classy touch. This ring is all yours at a price tag of $1,013.68.

Tulip 18ct White Gold 75pt (3/4 carat) blue diamond engagement ring

Tulip 18ct White Gold 75pt (3/4 carat) blue diamond engagement ring has a 3/4 carat diamond that is all set in the petal shaped tulip setting. The white gold has been used very intelligently in the making of the engagement ring. The look of the ring is both contemporary and classy. The very design of the ring is creative and it makes the ring one of its kinds in the genre of the blue diamond engagement rings that one would ever see. You can buy this ring at $ 4,413.

.25ct Round Blue Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 14K Gold

With the natural diamond set atop to the perfection this is a 14 carat gold engagement ring that looks beautiful like a nascent flower. It has the IDL valuation certificate with it. The setting is prong styled. The blue diamond has the SI2 enhanced clarity to it. This solitaire ring will sure be an adorable ring for the love of your life and will be cherished of the care and longevity that it will bring to the beautiful relationship that gets created on your wedding day.

1.60ct Pear Blue Diamond Accent Engagement Ring 14k Gold Pave

With a pear cut natural beautiful dazzling diamond this ring is breathtaking from its appearance only. The single large diamond has got the company of dozens of the brilliant cut round diamonds on the structural line of the ring. The style of the ring is bold and distinctive. It is a good ring to celebrate your wedding day with. There are things that you do not want to miss during the special occasions and this one is one of those rare beauties.

Colette Platinum Feather Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Colette Platinum ‘feather’ blue diamond engagement ring that has the setting with the feather detailing is a unique work of jewelry art and making. It is set with a single blue diamond that is all natural and certified. The diamond shown in the image is .46 pts. You can get the diamonds ranging between .15pts to .46pts. which will make the price change as well. The one shown here can be bought at $1782.

Ladies 18ct White Gold 1.68ct Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

This one is a ladies 18ct white gold 1.68ct blue diamond engagement ring which has been manufactured by the expert jewelers in England. It has a VS/2,SI/1 clarity to it and the side diamonds use in the making, are all of 1 carat with a 0.68 carat blue diamond which lies beautifully to the center of the 18 carat white gold ring. This is a flawless blue diamond wedding ring that would be one of the nicest thing for the wedding finger of any woman.

2 CT 3 Stone Blue Diamond Ring 14K White Gold

Having SI Clarity this is an exquisite blue diamond engagement ring that has been structured with the white gold of 14 carats. The beauty of the ring is enhanced by the three diamonds that has been placed right along with each other in the line of the making of the ring. The diamonds are brilliantly cut and are of 2 carats. This ring is available in sizes J-U. The width of the ring is 6 millimeters.

Yellow Gold Blue Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring with Side Diamonds

Yellow gold with the blue diamonds and also the other side diamonds look like a magical masterpiece created just to be a lucky soul’s engagement ring. The ring is all handcrafted by the experts and has been elegantly made with the materials that are all of highest standards and certification. There is a fancy blue diamond in the middle of the ring and small brilliant diamonds are also set aside to it. They all show clarity just to symbolize the purity and sanctity of love.

10k White Gold 1/2ct TDW Blue and White Diamond Engagement Ring

With the blue and the white diamonds this engagement ring binds two people well in a lovelock forever. The main body of the ring has been made from the 10 carat white gold. The center blue stone is round cut and it gives a wonderful sparkling look. The clarity varies from 12 to 13 and the setting is prong. This will be a recommended choice for a vintage themed wedding or even if you want to keep the classic touch to your D-day, then there is nothing like this ring to say, ‘I do’ with.

Entwine Platinum 70pt Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Entwine Platinum 70pt blue diamond engagement ring has a lovely 70 pts blue diamond set to it. It looks like as if it has been structured from white gold but the material that has been used in the making of the engagement ring is the platinum. It give a good durability to the ring and you can cherish the beautiful memory of your engagement all through the passing years of love.

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