Best engagement rings to celebrate your love with

An engagement ring has been seen throughout history, as the ultimate symbol of romance and commitment, and a sure sign that a wedding is bound to happen soon. So choosing the right engagement ring becomes essential. The engagement ring will be worn for a lifetime, therefore it’s a must you get to find out everything about it, before you go ahead and make the final purchase. The most common engagement rings feature one or more diamonds set in a gold or platinum band. Most of us prefer this classic style of engagement ring, as it’ll go with any outfit or occasion in the days to come. However, today there are so many new varieties to choose from. Engagement rings do not have to be expensive to be beautiful, but it should be the best you can afford for your precious love. After all, the very next step after engagement is to flaunt the new ring to family and friends and celebrate the special occasion. In order to help you with this huge challenge, we have outlined below, one of the world’s best engagement rings your future bride will cherish for the rest of her life.

Trina Turk Desert Flower Engagement Ring

Prove your everlasting commitment to your precious love with a pretty Trina Turk engagement ring. This stylish ring comes in the shape of a desert flower coupled with a antique rose pave-set crystal design on the center. This floral themed engagement ring is available in gold plated metal and sparkling crystals and just the perfect ring for those on a budget. Dimensions are 1 inch x 1 inch. Price for this beautiful engagement ring is just $85.

14k White Gold 1/2-ct Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

Are you in love with a woman who adores the classic touch? Then go ahead and choose this charming engagement ring that comes with a contemporary twist. This gorgeous engagement ring features three brilliant diamonds in the center flanked by dazzling small round-cut diamonds (total weight 1/2-ct) in shining 14k gold metal setting. The ring comes in a standard size 7, but custom ring sizing is possible. Price of this pretty engagement ring is $672.

10k White Gold 1/4-ct Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

This lavish engagement ring glitters with its brilliant three diamonds in the center. These diamonds are accented by small round diamonds all along the band (total weight 1/4-ct), enhancing its pretty looks. This engagement ring comes in 10k white gold setting, and will make any woman fall in love with it. Make sure to clean with only jewelry cleaners to retain its charm forever. Price for this piece of beauty is $420.

14k White Gold 3/4-ct Diamond Engagement Ring

This sparkling engagement ring from the Adorne collection carries a unique antique design that’ll complement any style with grace and charm. This beautiful ring features princess-cut diamonds in the center along with marquise and round-cut diamonds (total weight 3/4-ct) to steal any woman’s heart and make heads turn. Price for this magnificent 14k polished white gold engagement ring is $1,250.

14k White Gold Pink Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

Which woman does not like a touch of pink in her jewelry? Sweep your love off her feet with this romantic engagement ring that features an exclusive pink sapphire stone along with a princess-cut diamond in the center. Small round-cut diamonds (total weight 1/2-ct) set all along the band, enhances its beauty even further. To clean the ring, simply wipe it with a soft dry cloth. Price of this lovely 14k white gold engagement ring is $1,324.99

Tivoli Emerald-Cut CZ Engagement Ring

If you’re on a tight budget and still looking to impress your loved one, look no further than this dazzling engagement ring. This Tivoli engagement ring comes in a shining silvertone, and has an emerald-cut brilliant cubic zirconia stone in the center, surrounded by pave-set sparkling CZ stones. This charming engagement ring comes neatly packaged in a custom-made red snake embossed gift box. Price of this graceful engagement ring is only $20.

Crislu Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Engagement Ring

This sparkling engagement ring from Crislu is a beautiful blend of classic looks and a sophisticated touch. It features a radiant cubic zirconia solitaire (total weight 4-ct) in the center, set in a matte-finish platinum tone sterling silver. Perfect for special occasions, and as well as day-to-day wear, this beautiful engagement ring will surely impress your loved one. Price for this imported platinum-tone sterling silver engagement ring is $85 only.

14k White Gold 1 1/2-ct Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

Every woman wants to be treated as a queen, do so by gifting this lavish engagement ring featuring three dazzling diamonds in the center. Round-cut smaller diamonds (total weight 1 1/2-ct) fill rest of the cutout band. This stunning engagement ring comes in 14k white gold setting and all set to cause flutter in any woman’s heart. Price of this stunning engagement ring is $3,560.

Lord & Taylor 14k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Whether you want to give your future bride an ultra-glamorous style, or a simple elegant look, this imported engagement ring from Lord & Taylor will do the trick. This gorgeous engagement ring comes in a 14k white gold setting and features 11 radiant round-cut diamonds (total weight 1/2-ct) halfway through the band. Price of this stunning engagement ring is $1.020.

Etoile Cube Engagement Ring

If your loved one expects the unexpected all the time, then this is the perfect engagement ring to please her. Etoile’s engagement ring comes in a 14k white gold vermeil setting and features a brilliant cube-shaped crystal in the center. This cute engagement ring is set beautifully in a matte-finish hammered band, in sharp contrast to the shimmering crystal cube adding a wonderful appeal to the ring. Dimensions of the crystal cube are 3/8 inch. Price for this creative engagement ring is $125.

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