Best three stone engagement rings

What can be a better wedding gift than a starling three stone engagement ring? They are simply eternal and priceless in their class and elegance. The design of these rings have been famous among the masses since decades. They make good wedding rings if chosen wisely. So, let’s take an insight into some of these amazing three stone rings to start your journey.

Three stone diamond ring 0.30ct center

Are you planning to gift something exquisite and priceless to your bride? Then this luxurious three stone studded platinum ring should be just the right thing to end your search. This eye dazzling three stone or rather we must say three diamond studded ring will make your bride go crazy. With this ring you will be able to win over your bride’s heart and soul both at the same time. The super glazy platinum ring is fitted with 1 large colourless cushion cut 0.3ct diamond at the centre and two smaller diamonds at the two sides of the larger diamond. This auspicious diamond ring from Lunn comes with a GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) certificate to establish the authenticity of the diamonds.

Platinum Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

This three stone diamond studded platinum ring is just perfect as a wedding gift or even can be gifted as a promise ring. The stones are simple round shaped diamonds, which are in the color group of GH. This means that the stones are not completely colorless, but rather their color can be termed as something ‘near to colorless’. The ring has a very elegant and decent look to it. The diamond at the centre is a round cut diamond with a total weight of 0.75ct. The larger diamond is accompanied by two other smaller diamonds, which are very strongly attached to the two sides of the larger diamond with the help of prongs. So even if you use the ring as a daily wear, you need not worry about the attachment of the diamonds.

Three Stone Lucida Style Engagement Ring

I am sure that you won’t be able to shut your eyes once you have a look at this timeless diamond ring. The design, the cut of the diamonds and the shine of this ring is so brilliant, that your eyes will be absolutely glued to it. The Lucida style engagement ring from Serendipity Diamonds is all about class and glamor. The three stone studded platinum ring has a jumbo 1.00ct diamond studded at the centre of it, and is accompanied by two other diamonds which are a bit smaller than the one studded at the centre. Fixed tightly in place by the means of prongs, the color of the diamonds is classified in group of G (near colorless).

Three stone diamond ring, 0.48ct centre – Princess cut

If you are looking out for something unique for your wedding day, then it has to be this 18 carat yellow gold diamond ring. There is something very elegant about this ring. The cut of the ring as well the cut of the diamonds makes this ring completely different from any other type of wedding rings available in the market. Fitted with three colorless (color range: F) princess cut diamonds, this yellow 18ct yellow gold diamond ring has everything in it to oomph the desires of a woman. Apart from the world class quality of diamonds and their design, a GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) Certificate is also provided with the ring, which assures the quality of the gems.

14k 3 Stone Emerald Cut Sapphire Diamond Ring (1.60

Aimed at young and modern brides, this three stone sapphire and diamond white gold ring has a very contemporary look to it. The gems are tightly fitted to the ring with the help of prongs, which makes the fitting very reliable. The 14K white gold ring has a uniform width throughout the diameter, which gives it a very simple yet stylish look. The stone at the centre of the ring is a huge emerald cut sapphire, and the two adjacent tiny stones are nothing but diamonds.

Emerald and Baguette three Stone Engagement Ring – R0111

This 18ct white gold ring is just perfect for those who like to present themselves in a unique and classy way. The emerald cut pointed diamond at the centre of the ring is what is making this ring absolutely unique. The two baguette-cut smaller diamonds at the sides of the larger emerald cut diamond are nicely complementing the whole ring. The diamonds are nearly colorless in color (color range: I) and are nicely fitted with a rub over setting.

2 Ct Princess-Cut Three-Stone Black Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

The pitch-black color of the diamonds is the real positive factor of this ring. The 14K white gold ring is flanked by three princess-cut black diamonds fitted with prong settings. The larger diamond at the centre is worth the weight of 0.80ct and the two adjacent smaller diamonds on the two sides of the larger diamond are a bit smaller than the large diamond, weighing approximately 0.60ct each. This elegantly designed black diamond 14k white gold ring from Fine Diamonds 9 is available at a decent price of $1,820.

18K Rose Gold Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring – 0.80 Ct

If you are bored with the same white and yellow colors of gold, then this rose-gold may be a relief for your eyes. Carved out in a stylish and elegant way, this three stone 18K rose gold diamond ring can be a perfect gift for any occasion. After all, you don’t need any occasions to gift a diamond ring to your lover. The three princess-cut diamonds are studded side by side at the top of the ring through the means of prong settings. The one at the centre is larger than the other two diamonds at the sides. The rose color of the gold is perfectly complementing the dazzling diamonds and can make a really nice addition to your jewelry collection.

18ct Yellow Gold Asscher & Baguette 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Simple yet elegant is the mantra for this 18K white gold ring. The top of the ring elegantly exhibits three Asscher-cut diamonds fitted nicely in a 4 clawed setting. The diamonds are obviously of very high quality and clarity (SI1) and are categorized in a color range of J (near colorless).

Three stone Round diamond engagement ring diamond band & matching wedding band 1.3 tcw in 14K White Gold

This three stone diamond ring has made the ending of this list perfect. The two 0.50ct diamonds are fitted at the sides of the larger diamond and accompanies 26 additional smaller diamonds, fitted all-over the ring. To top that, the ring also comes with a wedding band, which is exquisitely fitted with 31 high quality diamonds.

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