Ghostly Honeymoon: World’s most haunted hotels for adventure stricken couples

If you consider yourself highly adventurous couples then we suggest you must have a honeymoon that is extraordinary. Why not indulge yourself in the spookiest honeymoon experience by spending your romantic nights together at some of the world’s spine chilling haunted hotels? Do you find this idea mind-blowing? Then read on to get a list of haunted hotels of the world. They are eerie, terrifying and uncanny enough to add the right spice to the lives of adventure stricken honeymoon couples like you.

Russel Hotel, Sydney Australia

This hotel is perhaps the landmark of the area with its strategic position right at the Georger Street in the Circular Quay of Sydney. This luxurious hotel has a spooky seaman waiting to welcome the adventure stricken couples on their honeymoon stay here. The guests who have been to the hotel previously report that Room No. 8 is the most significant one. It is where the phantom seaman of the colonial times stays. They further say that they have often seen the seaman standing just at the entrance of that room and staring at the guests. The hotel staffs also added on this that they often hear just the creaky footsteps on the wooden flooring of the hotel at the wee hours.

Hotel Burchianti, Florence, Italy

This hotel is the haven of ghosts. As you land in this hotel you can definitely feel creepy beings swarming all around you. If you are fascinated with ghoulish happenings then this is your ideal place. The guests who have already stayed here report that one will always have a feeling that someone is watching you. You will feel spine chilling icy cold breathes on your face and come across a male spirit with a queer pink glow all around. You can also encounter a phantom boy who keeps on skipping on the corridor or a female apparition busy with her knitting or even a ghoul housekeeper busy with her everyday housekeeping in the early hours of the day.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles, United States

If you are an ardent fan of Marilyn Monroe and your wish of meeting her personally never came true, then we suggest you to spend your honeymoon at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. People say that the Monroe ghost stays there. The guests and staffs report that they have often felt a female figure with blonde hair staring back at them whenever they look at a particular mirror. This was the mirror that was installed in the suite where Marilyn Monroe used to stay during her visits to this hotel. A man clad in black, weird voices in the corridor and a poltergeist slamming the phones off the cradles are the other ghostly experiences guests witness while they stay at this celebrity hotel in LA.

Langham Hotel, London, England

Along with some of the most honorable guests like Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain this hotel also had spooky guests visiting in and staying permanently all these years. The room number 333 is the most significant among them. The hotel staffs report that it had been the abode of masses of phantom guests, including a zombie that approaches towards the guests with its eye still and arms spread out in the front. Napoleon III of France, a male spirit dressed in Victorian attire and a German Prince who killed himself by jumping out of the window are the other resident here.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Canada

A staff never went away from this hotel even after his forced retirement by the management in 1978. Yes, you will meet him too when you come here to spend your honeymoon. He is Sam Macaulay who loiters around the hotel corridors in the darkness of night. But surprisingly this is a friendly apparition. So, if you fail to find your keys or forget the way to your room this spooky grey haired bellhop will always help you out. In case if you wish him to pay some tips you will turn around to see nothing at all. A ghost bride also roams about in the hotel staircase at night.

Castle Stuart, Invernesshire, Scortland

Castle Stuart in Scotland has a bad reputation to being haunted. The owner grew irritated with this and offered reward to the one who dared to stay overnight at the top most room in the East Tower, which was the supposed den of ghosts. A local poacher, who accepted the proposal, was found dead the following day with a pale and terrified face. However, the room was smashed later on and now it is a sought after place for honeymooners. Try out your luck to discover anything eerie here.

Castle Leslie, Country Monaghan, Ireland

The owners of this hotel still reside in this generation’s old traditional hotel. It is believed that the Leslie members, many of whom have deceased three hundred years back, still wander inside the hotel. Shane, a young heir of the Leslie family, who died in a war, is often seen sitting calmly beside the lake. The most famous apparition of this hotel is that of Punch, a pet doggie of the Leslies’.

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Don’t you think your heart will burn with jealousy when a tall and handsome man comes to your newlywed wife and remarks, “ are you waiting for me?” Yes, this is exactly what happens in this hotel. But your sigh of relief is that he will vanish in the air in the next moment. Your other paranormal encounters will include that of an Irish stonemason who fell down and died while the construction work of the hotel was on. He extends his spooky ghoul hands out of the mirror and scares the guests to the hilt. Also be prepared to confront a woman who comes out of room number 419 and introduces herself as a cancer patient. She is actually dead!

Farnsworth House Inn, Gettysnurg, Pennsylvania

When you are in Pennsylvania then you can never expect that you will not have the chance to confront the supernatural? So, there are fourteen of them for you. This inn was used by Confederate soldiers as a safe refuge during the time of Civil war. One of them accidentally killed a civilian named Jennie Wade. This phantom soldier still lives in the inn to fight his guilt. Later the hideout was exposed and many of the soldiers were killed in a shootout. Thus, they haunt the inn still today. A generous nurse named Mary, who used to console the war victims, is still seen consoling the dead soldiers after her death. A young boy overridden by a horse carriage still repeats his unfortunate death sequence every night.

The Healthman Hotel, Portland, Oregon

The inaugural phase of this hotel witnessed the accidental death of a woman way back in 1927. She toppled down from the window of room number 703 and died. So, she is there to welcome you by poking out a spine chilling face from the walls of that room when you plan your spooky honeymoon here. You can also hear her shrill cry, cold spots and observe things move on their own and floating in the air.

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