Best winter wedding hairstyles for her

Winter is a magical and cozy season and a winter wedding can be pretty exciting. The bride always wants to look perfect from head to toe. Everything needs to be perfect, whether it is the gown, make up, or the hairstyle. Winter is dry and the cold breeze can spoil your hair if not done properly. Here are a few hairstyles for the season that will make you look elegant and pretty.

Soft romantic curls:

Soft romantic curls

Soft romantic curls are perfect hairstyle for any bride. They are winter appropriate and can keep you a little warm in winters. The curls look great when topped off with a fresh floral crown. This is an easy up do for wedding this season. All you need for this hair do is hair protecting spray and a curler. Take small sections of hair and curl it until it looks right. Then put hairspray and you are done. This elegant hairstyle makes a bride look beautiful.

Half up:

Half up

The hair is softly curled and halfway pinned up in barrel curls in back. Swipe sides away from the face.It is perfect for girls with thin hair. Heavy hair may take some time. This style mainly suits oval, round and heart shaped faces. It is a happening hair do for a bride.

Waterfall twist:

Waterfall twist

It is an easy hairstyle for a bride, and an especially suited hairstyle for those with curly hair or heavy hair. Each side twists to the middle in back and tied together. It works best on girls with long layers. It suits every face. So any bride can do it on her wedding.

Flower bun:

Flower bun

Flower bun is perfect for a bride with long hair. Start by parting your hair, separate one inch section at each temple, gather remaining hair and make two or three braids. Twist braids and pin it up under braided bun made of both the separated sections. It needs to look like a flower when done. Place a tiara, hair vines or a fancy pin. This is an elegant hairstyle and adds to the beauty of a bride.


There are different ways to do your hair on your wedding. Beautiful hairstyles can be achieved with any length of hair. You can also add hair accessories to make it more elegant. Tiaras, hair veins, floral crown or a fascinator will add to the beauty of a bride and make her look perfect on her wedding.

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