Wedding ideas for the Thanksgiving season

Thanksgiving is the best day to thank the Almighty for the blessing of life, and a wedding is a great blessing shared with a person one loves. You could double the exultance by celebrating both the days together. Happiness is not one big thing, but it’s a series of small little things together. Join hands thanking God with the blessings showered in the form of a relationship and promise of a better future. Share the joy and amusements with the family members and relatives.

Autumn leaves theme –

Autumn leaves theme

Make the most of the best gesture with the amazing autumn leaves. Get similar colored curtains that would match the leaves in the backyard. Mark the Thanksgiving wedding day with corn, wheat and pumpkin themed wall hangings. Try using candleholders that look like a pumpkin in every table. Sharing a great dinner with the people you love, taste the best wine on the wedding night, and having a ball get extra special when it is Thanksgiving day. Share small gifts with all the guests in this event.

Pumpkins everywhere –

pumpkin shaped candles

Make artificial pumpkin 3D hangings to be hanged from the ceiling. Make a flat bowl filled with water that has tiny cute pumpkin shaped candles lit and left to float around. Make cupcakes and mini cakes that would look like a pumpkin. If the family has more number of kids, let them dress like a pumpkin with the customized tailored costumes available. Let them run across the room sharing the happiness of being together on the very best day. Have pumpkin shaped small cards that read a Thanksgiving wedding message placed across the table for guests to read.

Paper crafts –

Paper crafts

Bring in the best craft artist in town to make cute Thanksgiving themed art works to be hung on the walls. Use the paper filigree and origami papers cut outs to make cute pumpkins, autumn leaves, small and fat little birds. Use these paper filigree decorations all over the dining night table with a set of artificial flowers that add beauty to the table. Let the paper theme shower more joy for the beautiful pair on the wedding night. Make small greeting cards and post it on the guest plates with a positive note for attending your Thanksgiving wedding.


Thanksgiving is an important holiday every year, and a wedding is an event of a lifetime. Bring together your friends and family for a Thanksgiving wedding, and you’ll have more things to be thankful for.

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