Ditch the Dress: A Modern Twist on Guest Wedding Wear

Typically, women tend to opt for a dress when attending a wedding. But shopping for a wedding outfit can be a nightmare, especially if you are the type of woman who feels more comfortable in jeans than a dress. Although a dress is a traditional choice, there are a whole range of options for a wedding.

Unless there is a strict dress code, you can ditch the dress and choose one of these modern alternatives instead.

The Tailored Trousers

A pair of tailored trousers are a great option for women as well as men. There are a range of colors, patterns and styles that work great for different seasons and themes. Going to a wedding with a formal dress code? Choose a slim fitted cigarette trouser in grey or white and team with a fitted blazer. Or is the dress code more relaxed? Go for a pair of fashion trousers in a tartan, floral or geometric print.

Simply style with a blouse or a pretty lace top and a pair of heels or cute pumps for a stylish wedding outfit.


A Jumpsuit or Playsuit

Depending on the season, a jumpsuit or playsuit is a great alternative for guest wedding wear. The key here is to avoid anything too low cut or short. Choose an embellished, lace covered or structured corset style for a look that will effortlessly carry you from day to night.

There are full sleeved, strapless or spaghetti strap options that will flatter any figure. Opt for a tailored jumpsuit in plum, green or navy for a winter wedding, and a playsuit in pastel tones and seasonal floral prints for the summer.

The Coordinated Separates

Coordinates were a popular trend in 2014 and are here to stay as even coordinated wedding dresses were seen on the 2015 bridal catwalks. Many stores are selling matching separates, such as a top and skirt, or a top and trousers. There are so many colors and prints that there is something to suit every style.

This is a great substitute to a dress, especially if you have a larger bust or are pear shaped and struggle to find a dress that fits.


A Classic LBD

Although this option is a dress, it is a little different as many people avoid wearing black to a wedding. However, if you pair a little black dress with the right accessorise, it can work for any wedding. Simply adapt with an embellished belt or colored sash, a lace shrug, a bold statement necklace, or a pair of jewel encrusted heels.

Tip: Keep warm in the winter by adding a faux fur jacket or wrap. Or wear in the summer with a pastel or floral print cropped jacket.


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