Big Brother winner Pete Plans Atypical Wedding

pete plans atypical wedding 49Peter Alexander Bennett better known as Pete and the winner of Big Brother (reality television series broadcast on Channel 4, and S4C in Wales) and a rock n roll singer, has decided to married his green-haired fiancee, Gemma Costain, in an atypical manner in a field featuring tattooists and a drag artist.

The couple will marry near Glastonbury festival, on July 7 in Brighton. Drag queen Jodie Harsh will croon to guests, who will ink themselves with the memories of the day.
Miss Gemma said:

Pete wanted everything to be mental. He even wanted a rave! So I’ve taken over and have toned it down a bit. I don’t want my parents to be too shocked.

So, what are you waiting for sit back and decide something more weird for your wedding.


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