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Bowflex PR1000 Does Everything You Want a Home Gym to do

by DrPrem Jagyasi

These days, the idea of getting fit and trim seems almost more unattainable than ever. It’s difficult to find the time to work out, let alone to deal with a proper diet. Getting home from work and cooking for yourself is hard enough, getting ready to go out to a gym is just madness.

This is why so many people decide to set up a home gym. Being able to come home, rest for a bit, get in a work out, and then still be at home makes it possible to get that work out in for many people. Yet even this can be difficult, depending on how much space you have to actually set anything up.

Luckily, the Bowflex PR1000 exists, and it may just be the thing you need to solve all your problems.

Total Body Workout on a Budget

The Bowflex PR1000 is a total body workout device made by the company Bowflex. It consists of an adjustable workout bench, several different styles of grips for both arms and legs, and the resistance bars that are the Bowflex signature style. As with all Bowflex machines, you hook the grips to the ends of different resistance bars, each one creating more resistance against your motion.

What kind of workouts can you do with the PR1000?

Consider the following:

  • Should Press and Raise
  • Seated Lat and Rear Delt Rows
  • Triceps Pushdown and Extension
  • Biceps and Wrist Curls
  • Ab Crunch and Trunk Rotation
  • Horizontal, Incline, and Decline Bench Presses
  • Scapular Retraction
  • Leg Extension, Kickback, and Press
  • Narrow, Stiff-Arm, and Reverse Grip Pulldowns
  • Low Back Extension
  • Calf Raise
  • Hip Abduction

As you can see, the PR1000 truly does give you a full body workout. You’ll be able to do all the things you need to do in order to feel your best.

Price Points and Ease of Storage

So how much does the Bowflex PR1000 cost? It might surprise you to find out that you can get one for the very reasonable price of $600, depending on things like exactly where you buy it from and shipping and handling charges. This may seem like a large amount, but considering that some home gym systems can run in the thousands, that’s an incredibly reasonable price!

As for the size, it’s only 100 by 78 inches. Not only that, but the bench folds down. This means you can store it easily in the corner or under the bed or in the closet, should the need arise. This allows you to set it up when you want to use it, tear it down when you don’t, and avoid the problem of not having enough room.

Diet with Exercise

The last major problem with trying to run a home gym is that just working out isn’t always enough. There are many situations wherein people will exercise extra hard, sweat themselves half to death, make extra time to work out and follow all the right steps, only to discover that they’re not really gaining much in the way of muscle mass.

This is because weight lifting doesn’t work that way. By lifting weights, you will definitely make your muscles stronger. This will help you be healthier, since you won’t have to expend as much energy to do things. You’ll be able to breathe easier, since your muscles won’t need quite as much oxygen to fuel their actions. But this won’t necessarily make them larger, nor will it necessarily help you get rid of fat.

If you want to do that, you need to worry about your diet. Proper diet can help your muscles get larger and your body to lose fat. But that doesn’t mean a good home gym can’t help you get fit. It’s quite the contrary actually. A full body workout, such as the one provided by the Bowflex PR1000, is a great way to get fit and trim.

Getting fit and trim takes time and effort. That will always be true. There’s simply no way to ensure that you can find a “magic bullet” to becoming healthy. However, there are tools you can use to make things easier on yourself. One such tool is the Bowflex PR1000. It’s an amazing home gym that does everything you need for a full workout, and it won’t break the bank, either.

Because you are going to be getting a fully featured, incredibly versatile, and high quality workout machine, you will end up with a very high value proposition. Bowflex and its brand carry a lot of weight and they are known for offering some of the best value gym products on the market. While they are not the brand to look for if you are in the market for an extremely budget friendly home workout gym, but if you are looking for the most value for your money, you are simply not going to find it from another brand.

The Bowflex brand is easily the best brand to consider purchasing if you want the very best machine on the market and a machine that is going to offer you the most value for your money. The good thing about getting a Bowflex is the ability to get a machine that does multiple things instead of one.

In the end, there are a lot of different reasons why the Bowflex brand stands above all other brands in the home gym fitness arena. Not only are you going to get an industry leading warranty with your purchase, but you are also going to be able to enjoy a fully featured and versatile machine rather than having to settle for something that doesn’t offer the opportunity to get a full workout in when you are at home.

There are a bunch of options to choose from since Bowflex makes a lot of different machines, but you should be able to find just the right one that meets all of your needs and specific criteria for an ideal home gym.

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