Bridal Favors

i need some unique ideas on bridal favors. sick of all those sugared almonds/chocolates/frames. anything which doesnt fall in this classic category is most welcome. i want something which can take guests by surprise and at the same time please them. the last thing i would like to be done with a favor gift is being thrown in some secluded corner of the house. and no customization please. every gift should look like that it has been made for the guest. if ya can suggest different things to be given to people from all walks of life, ill be more than glad. remember, unique and different should be the key.

please avoid giving suggestions which are high on price tag. can’t really afford blingy stuff. theme doesn’t really matter as long as the gifts are unique. still, the theme is ‘Castles of fairyland’.

Waitin for some nice and ‘unique’ answers.


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