Bridesmaid Gift

hi, i want your precious suggestions on ‘bridesmaid gift’. 

the problem is its a little too late to do the brain-wrecking thing. although i gave them a thank-you card. but i don’t think the effort and time they have put in is rightly repaid by just a card. i want to give them something grand, something which they don’t forget ever. something which is precious to them yet in budget for me. me and my mother have quarralled over this issue. i wanted to gift them tickets for an amusement park, nevertheless my mom is against it. she says something which remains with them for the ages to come should be given. although i am partially convinced with what my mom is saying. but, being a young blood i believe more into the fun quotient. yet, i am utterly confused. what i want from you guys is your opinion on this. even if you don’t come up with a suggestion, maybe you can support any of the theories. dat will help me a great deal in ending dis dilemma.

thanx chums! ūüôā

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