What should a bridesmaid do at the wedding?

The bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are those women in a brides life who somehow shared such a bond with the bride and will always do so, till the end of time. Bridesmaids take all that stress away from the bride when she can’t take it anymore. These are the women who get you drunk on your bachelorette party, and yet you can’t hate them for it. Surely selecting limited bridesmaids is just impossible but a bride has to do it. Those women will solve the minutest of issues of the wedding just so that the bride could have the perfect day without getting aggravated. They will stick by the bride and not do anything to let her down. Being selected as a bridesmaid is an honor and you must read on to know what you must do both before and at the wedding.


1. Share the duties:

When a girl asks you to be her bridesmaid, it doesn’t mean you can’t say no, but once you have promised, support her with all the things she needs. Whether a girl is married or not, she exactly knows the importance of a successfully conducted marriage ceremony. You know it as well. Volunteer to accompany the bride in selecting and shopping for every wedding item. From the dress to the jewelry to the shoes, help her out in landing the perfect selection for her wedding. Be with her whenever she calls you. She has chosen you to be one of the female attendants of all the people she knows; naturally her expectation stays with you all the time. Therefore, don’t let her down by turning off her plans and slipping away in the middle of her wedding quest.

2. Be prepared for little expenses:

Along with her time, a bridesmaid shouldn’t be miser. With all the expenses that come out with attending this wedding as a bridesmaid, you have to burn your pocket a little for the sake of the forthcoming happiness. Value her friendship even though you have to go through your own little financial issues.

3. Picking up your bridesmaid dress:

Make sure you select the dress you are going to wear at the wedding long before the final date, so that there would be reasonable time to make alterations, if any. Select the outfit that suitably goes with the bride’s dress.

4. Bachelorette party:

Since the bride is close to embracing a blissful life with her groom, it is important that she spends some quality time with her closest girlfriends. Organizing a bachelorette party worth remembering comes under your purview. Remember, it’s the last time she will be celebrating as a singleton before her wedding, so try and give your best shot. Split the work among the other co-bridesmaids to throw the best bachelorette party ever. The one she remembers forever!

5. Developing cordial relation with co-bridesmaids:

You are not alone in this sweet bridesmaid experience. There are going to be other girls as well and some you might not be compatible with; but it’s more important to keep aside your hard feelings even if it bugs you until the bride goes away with the groom officially. Help the maid of honor in all wedding-related parties. Be cordial with the girls and motivate the team to manage a successful wedding ceremony.

The Wedding Day

1. Assisting the bride:

It’s the wedding day and the bride always wants to be at her best. Assist the bride to get into her dress and accessories. Help her put on the best make up. Meanwhile, go dress up quickly to escort the bride to the aisle at time. Look out for the bride and keep asking her whether she needs anything to console her. Be prepared for the unexpected that might happen at the altar.

2. Socializing with the guests:

After the wedding party reaches its peak, make sure you check with the guests if they are enjoying the celebration or not. Make small talk with all the guests and make them comfortable.

3. Enjoy and have fun:

Finally, don’t be too serious all day. Have fun. But, don’t ruin her special day with your reckless behavior. Be available. Don’t forget, it’s her day, so don’t disappear every now and then. You should not be out flirting at the wedding while the bride is freaking out somewhere in the dressing room. And do you best to get the bridal bouquet.

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