Brit Women hiring detectives to spy on their Future Husbands Bank Balance

It has become a trend in England that women are increasingly getting very much conscious regarding their future financial security. To be on a safe side they have started hiring detectives so that they can have a proper account of their future husband’s financial position.

You can say that this is due to the large number of divorces that take place every year: so the women folk is now trying to identify the consequences that might take place in case they gets a divorce: so it is better to stay prepared and not lie low like a dumb bimbo.

Those companies who are into detective services say that since the divorce scenario has worsened over time the women’s are being smart enough to take the game in their strides before they walk down the aisle.

As reported in the ‘Independent’ a survey conducted on about 4000 UK couples reveals that deception and spying are the two key factors when it comes to divorce.


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