British bride’s bridal extravaganza

The year 2005 show a record of £112 million being dished out by Britain brides on their wedding dress. Who says that wedding occasion is now a passe??? Check out before you say that again. Coz latest statistics reveals this fact that the wedding moment is still the most expensive event in everyone’s life.

The brides no doubt shells out heavy amount from their pocket. Somewhere around £826 is splashed on a flowing gown and an exaggerated rise of 32% o what was actually being spend in the very beginning of the millennium.

On the other hand, the amount spend on other outfits leaving aside the wedding dress is estimated to have stooped down to just £3 million as surveyed by Mintel research.

It is seen that the demand in the bridal market for traditional dresses is increasing day by day with more designers entering the field. Senior market analyst, Claire Birk is just astounded with the surprising increase for the bridal outfits. In spite of the inexpensive dress available in the stores everyone wants to have only an expensive designer outfit for the special occasion.

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