Bulgari Masterpieces Ladies’ Collection the bride in you will love

Bulgari has been renowned for its excellent craftsmanship and quality products since its inception. Bulgari has succeeded in making a mark in the fashion world with its high range of products which only grows better with the years. When it comes to sophisticated mechanisms, you have the Bulgari watches, which effortlessly combine the sophistication with the elegance in design. Using the most rigorous Swiss standards, they are carefully constructed and tested with a guaranteed, finished product of the highest quality. These watches are not just time pieces but are luxury jewelry pieces which have been lovingly fashioned with much care and precision.

Bulgari Masterpieces Ladies’ Collection


Bulgari has been creating renowned and fine jewelry based in Rome, since 1884 and today, it has become a global and diversified luxury brand. It has extended itself out to various product and services portfolio of fragrances, skincare, watches, accessories and jewels. It also deals in resorts and hotels featuring an innovative style, impeccable services of exceptional quality. In each of its undertaking, Bulgari has paid crucial and detailed attention towards making their products or selling their brand to the specified requirements of its clientele worldwide. The sales proceeds of Bulgari has magnified over the years and it now stands as a business establishment of impeccable renown worldwide.

Inspiration and goal

The Bulgari creations, whether in jewelry or watch have always been conceptualized on perfect craftsmanship and sensitivity of its creator. The philosophy of quality and excellence form the basis of a Bulgari design to achieve the full satisfaction of the customer. Admired by worldwide customers, the Bulgari creations have a sophisticated, bold and unmistakable style, drawing attention to its innovative design, timeless elegance and quality. The Bulgari goal focuses on the impeccable service worldwide with the highest quality products of excellence.

Bulgari Masterpieces Ladies’ Collection

As in other range of products, the Bulgari watches are no exception as they combine the elegance of design with the same sophisticated mechanism details. These are carefully tested and crafted to the specifications of Swiss standards of excellence.

Right from the beginning of the concept, much research goes into the development of the finished product as far as the Bulgari masterpieces ladies collection is concerned.

These pieces of fine jewelry watches for ladies have been made to the highest levels of precision, combining the extraordinary creativity and emotional impact using the most stringent quality standards. The watches have all been given unique designs and played upon with jewels, encrusted on silver and crafted into perfection of beauty. The collection is not only breath taking but suited for wearing on any occasion as it is not only a timepiece but an accessory of luxury for the discerning. These luxury timepieces are given a life of its own with precious jewels set in fine lines of artistic displays. Some of these timepieces are worth pointing out in the collection.

1. Bulgari Serpenti Lady’s watches

This is a vintage design which is wrapped around the wrist like a serpent bracelet. The design is complicated with a snake head as the dial of the watch and is created in various styles. Some of the styles come with numerous gemstones, while some high end ones are covered with rare stones. The snake head can be snapped open to view the dial. These stunning timepieces are said to be priced at $10,000 onwards and the size is meant to fit all.

2. Bulgari masterpieces blue/silver strap white gold ladies Swiss watches

The base material used here is white gold and sapphire crystal glass for the case. The dial comes in silver, grey and white color frame and the design is rectangular with the Bulgari name engraved twice around the bezel. The strap is also made of white gold, blue and silver.

3. Bulgari masterpieces black strap white gold ladies Swiss watches

This unique and classy watch has a round face shape with sapphire crystal glass in white gold. The strap is of black fabric material and the dial colors come in silver, grey and white.

Why buy?

Bulgari has always followed a strict selling policy as far as their products goes and when it comes to the marketing strategy, Bulgari has achieved something as the worldwide customers appreciation speaks for it. The Bulgari products are not only luxury image but they have the standard requirements of the customers, whether it may be in cosmetics, fragrances, accessories or watches. Those looking for excellence in quality and timeless elegance will not be disappointed in being the proud owner of a Bulgari watch.

Bulgari watches have been in demand worldwide by those who do not want to settle for less and the growing popularity is enhanced by Bulgari’s focus on meeting the customers exacting requirements. The Bulgari watch distribution follows a stringent and precise strategy focused on impeccable customer service through selected retailers worldwide.

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