Check out these cool Pinella Passaro wedding dresses for 2018

Pinella Passaro wedding dress

Pinella Passaro is one of the renowned names when it comes to wedding dresses. Her collection is a perfect blend of the modern look with the traditional touch. For the year 2018, the latest collection of wedding dresses is a perfect example of how minor detailing can make your wedding gown look elegant and lovely. Let us check out some of the unique gowns that she has come up with.

The bustier neckline and frills wedding gown

Pinella Passaro wedding dress

In this wedding dress, you can see how beautifully she has used the traditional touch of the long wedding gown and given it a modern twist. The torso is made from lace with a wireless cup that covers the bust. For the rest of the area, she has used lace and decorated it with small flowers. The beauty of this dress is that it looks very simple from below the waistline but does have a stylish element to it as well. This is an ideal choice for women who are small-sized and can carry it off perfectly.

Bell sleeves with a strapless tank and an A-line wedding gown

Pinella Passaro wedding dressThis off shoulder wedding gown is a real beauty. It has an off-shoulder neckline with a full sleeve lace covering the hands. Towards the wrist, there is a small bell attached to give it a perfect finish. Even the tank like fabric on the chest area blends in perfectly with the dress. She has maintained the traditional a line and worked towards giving it a nice long lace flow. This wedding dress truly defines how a bride can look stylish but traditional on her wedding day.

The hourglass wedding gown

Pinella Passaro wedding dress

For girls who have the perfect hourglass shape, this wedding gown idea is a real bliss. In this design, Pinella Passaro has truly defined the beauty of the curves in an hourglass body. She has kept the sleeves very simple with a self-embedded white colored lace and has given a little style to the sides of the gown as well. The simple plain white colored cloth compliments this dress in a very elegant manner.

The halter neck-wedding gown

Pinella Passaro wedding dressAnother great idea that brings out the elegance and beauty of a woman, Pinella has taken the halter neck and made it into a sexy looking design. In this wedding gown, she has used the help of free-flowing fabric for the most part of the wedding gown. The center slit which runs up to the lower thigh is one of the main highlights. The next part that truly highlights this gown is the lace used for the chest part. Here she has used a nice stylish looking self-embedded lace and given it a very beautiful finish. Even the strapless cup that blends in well gives all the support that is needed to wear this wedding gown

The strapless bareback wedding gown

Pinella Passaro wedding dressThis wedding gown is a real beauty and has a simplicity to it. Here she has taken the bareback concept and incorporated it perfectly into the dress. When you look at the dress from the front, it is just a simple looking traditional dress, but the style comes on the laced sleeves with the bareback.

The V-shaped back

Pinella Passaro wedding dressA wedding gown that is stylish, traditional and full of surprises; here the element of lace blended with handmade cloth decorations and free-flowing fabric definitely comes into the picture.  In this idea, the full sleeves are made to fit by using a nice soft net. For the back, the V-shaped neckline is enhanced with small handmade flowers that are stitched. All this complements the beautiful frills and flowing material of the wedding gown.

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