Chinese Wedding Feast

wed feastLet me take you to the world of Chinese wedding feast. As known to all, Chinese weddings are full of cultures and traditions which are evident in modern day marriages too.

The food that is used in the feast stands for longevity and good luck of the married couple. The Chinese believe in serving eight different kinds of courses, as the number eight is regarded as lucky. The feast starts with the appetizers all fashioned like the mysterious phoenix and dragon; as we move on to the main course, we will find the most common dish to be that of Peking duck, geese and even chicken. As for vegetarian platters sea cucumber is evident everywhere. Now, the favored beverage that is offered to wash down the food is 7 UP. And of course tea and alcohol too is on the menu.

So, that’s all for the time being. We will definitely come up with more info.

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