Choosing Entertainment for Your Wedding

Choosing Entertainment for Your Wedding

Choosing the entertainment that you are going to have at your wedding is not easy. While you want it to be something that you and your new spouse enjoy, you also want to keep your guests happy who have taken time out of their busy schedules to be there. But the good news is that you can choose entertainment that is going to keep everyone happy. Here are some useful tips that are going to help you select the best entertainment for your special wedding day.

1. Think about Your Theme

White theme of wedding

Every wedding is going to have a theme and a particular setting. This is something that you have to take into account when you are planning. For instance, you might be having a traditional wedding that follows your religion. So, it would not make a lot of sense to hire a heavy rock metal band. Though, of course, you may enjoy the idea of having a bit of an edge to the ‘normal’ party themes, and opt to have this kind of very personal choice for entertainment. Sit back for a moment and choose entertainment that is going to suit your big day based on the wedding suppliers you have already arranged.

2. Listen in Advance

If you have found a band or singer that you like, you may think that you do not need to know anymore and just book them. After all, there is going to be demand and you want to ensure that they are available for your wedding. But you do not want to rush at this stage. Instead, you want to listen to them in advance. This is the safe way to make sure that you are making the right decision. The worst place to figure out you have made a mistake is on your wedding day! Most bands and singers are going to be happy to provide this if they want to play at your wedding. Alternatively, you could attend an event they are going to be playing at.

It’s also important to consider what kinds of songs you would like them to play. You may want a specific song to dance to – be it a Disney song or a rendition of a pop one – as well as a catalogue of classics for everyone to dance to. Or, you may want a jazzy instrumental mood, instead, which creates a totally different atmosphere.

3. Consider the Venue

wedding VenueAnother consideration you have to make before arranging your entertainment is to think about the venue. You have to ensure that it is a practical selection, as well as possible for the entertainment to feature here. For instance, you may have to ask the management team whether your ideas are going to be allowed and if they have the facilities to accommodate them.

4. Take a Look at the Target Audience

Let’s not forget that you want to concentrate on your guests. You want to ensure that you are choosing the right entertainment for them. Therefore, take a step back and think about who the target audience is for the entertainment you are thinking about. If it matches your party and guests – with an emphasis on the “your” – it is going to be a success. 

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