Christos’ bridal collection evokes femininity and romance

The beautiful Christos bridal collection has the potential to take anyone’s breath away. It has been acclaimed as a couture delight for the archetypal bride with an out of this world taste. Now, in the artistic supervision of fashion designer Amsale Aberra who is the creative director and owner of Amsale, the company flourishes with great finesse. The bridal gowns, showcased in each and every show, have the potential to transform the run of the mill into an absolute diva.

Christos Collection


Christos was set up by the famed Cyprus born designer Christos Yiannakou. The company witnessed many a captivating collections under his skilled vision. After leading Christos for more than twenty years, he retired in 2005. However, he put the creative tiara on Amsale to lead the Christos collection to more refinement. This became a turning point for Christos as now it infused a legacy of the classic with a dash of contemporary receptivity. Christos is in fact nothing but an augmentation of Amsale’s own eternal characteristic. Christos induces a sentiment of total femininity, enchantment and tenderness. The Christos collection has been welcomed by Hollywood with open arms. The beautiful gowns have been highlighted in the movies: 27 Dresses, The Accidental Husband featuring Uma Thurman and not to forget the Kate Hudson starrer My best friend’s girl. This turned out to be the ideal platform by which Amsale could take the Christos collection to further heights.


The bridal gowns personify flawless class which can be passed on as the perfect heirloom. Amsale is known for her play with top-quality silk, French laces and silk organza. The elegant designs are highly praised for their use of Alencon lace which is a sort of needle lace made in Alencon, a tiny town in Normandy, France. The inspiration behind these extraordinary bridal gowns is without any doubt royalty in its true sense. The gowns are ideal for any bride fit to be a princess. They are so enchanting, seeming to appear right out of a fairy tale. With an aura of the otherworldly, a sprinkle of simplicity and garnishing of romance, this awesome collection is fit for a magical wedding.

The bridal collection

The Christos bridal collection for the fall 2012 season was remarkable. It had a surreal beauty about it with every intricate detail silently whispering classic romance and joy. The vintage lace with delicate flowers strewn like in the distant woodlands made the gowns look totally fairy-like. The blushing bride will feel so like flying away with her loved one to her land of dreams. There was just the right hint of sparkle which made them look charming and treasured. The silhouettes looked complete and extremely stylish. The fusion between vintage and modern could be witnessed in the asymmetrical gowns with translucent necklines, crafted out perfectly for the contemporary bride. There was an array of beautiful flowing gowns which had the capacity to put every bride in a trance-like state. Ranging from A-lines to Ball gown designs, all of them had been stitched to perfection. The Amsale designed gowns highlighting top-quality silk, beautiful lace, silk organza, smooth satin and point d’ Alencon. Each dress was an artistic delight and it must have taken a lot of insight and brilliance for creating them.

The wow factor

Romantic, eternal and totally feminine should be the tag-lines for the stunning Christos bridal collection. Every single dress was an embodiment of a naturally stylish bride with an absolutely dramatic and contemporary look. There was an immense assortment of silhouettes with an absolute girly feeling, yet very graceful and classic in its entirety. There was such a vast variety in necklines, showing off strapless, sheer lace, cowl, and one shoulder. Many a gowns had slim satin or silk ribbons on the waist mostly to accentuate the petite waistline. The easy flow of all the gowns while sashaying on the ramp seemed like cascading waterfalls. What else does a new bride need other than to wear her dream wedding gown while getting married? The Christos collection has the perfect ethereal signature of forest flowers appliqués and ultra feminine feel. The fabulous factor about these gowns is that even though most of them have the same lines and cuts, each has its own individuality. It makes its bride look special and emphasizes her own personality. The collection follows all the tasteful traditions and yet the designer also gets the freedom to show case her distinctiveness. There was a dreamy romantic feel all through all the shows.

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