Accessories for groom’s attire

Grooms attire

A groom’s appearance on his wedding is as important as that of the bride’s. The groom must be well dressed so as to be able to compliment what the bride is wearing. Eyes will be on the groom as much as they shall be on the bride. A groom in an ill fitting suit not only creates shabby wedding pictures but also destroys the happy memories weddings are associated with. There are just few things the groom has to wear but the should be up to the mark. The accessories that come along with the entire ensemble need to be perfect too. Here are the 6 best accessories to go with the groom attire.

1. Neck wear

A neck wear can make or break an outfit. If not color coordinated well, then you could end up ruining the whole look. Although in general you should lean towards the conservative side with regard to colors and patterns, you could also be a bit creative and come up with a classic look. You could choose between a long classy tie or a bow tie and then decide on a color. For example, you could match a silver silk tie with a black tux or go the more traditional way with a black bow tie. If it is a slightly informal look you are aiming at, then a long necktie would be a good choice for a tux. Getting ties with subtle stripes or a weave would be a great addition.

2. Vests

Vests are also known as waistcoats and form an integral part of a formal suit. You can personalize it according to your taste or your suit and make a statement. White vests are the most formal and the best when it comes to weddings. Choose a color or pattern that matches or complements what the entire wedding party is wearing and it would be a nice theme. For example, if the bridesmaids and grooms men have a golden theme going on, then you could wear a waistcoat with golden stripes or weaves on it to match it subtly, but not in an overpowering way. Also, go for a full backed vest for a more stylish look, as opposed to a backless vest which is popular when you are renting a tuxedo.

3. Cummerbund

The cummerbund is a large band or sash, usually pleated and worn around the waist instead of a vest and paired with either single breasted dinner jackets or tuxedos. You can either go traditional and wear black or wear a completely contrasting colored cummerbund to stand out a bit. Whatever you choose there are two things you need to remember- one, while wearing a cummerbund, keep your jacket on as walking around without a jacket looks unkempt and two, the ruffles always point up.

4. Cuff links

A pair of classy cuff links should definitely be part of your accessories as they make a big statement. A classic cuff link would be a silver square but feel free to express yourself with whatever design you prefer. If you are a football fan then wear cuff links with your favorite players number or even a football design, whereas if you are a big fan of your jaguar, get the car designed on your cuff links. Head to a jeweler and get them made according to your taste or scout around online on websites like eBay to get the ones that suit your style.

5. Stud set

Stud sets are four little pieces of jewelry used in the place of ordinary buttons on a formal shirt. If your tuxedo is rented, the studs sets are already provided. But they wouldn’t be of the best quality, so it is ideal if you buy them separately. The cufflinks and the stud sets are supposed to match, so if you plan on personalizing your cuff links, then make sure you get studs that will complement the links, if not match them.

6. Shoes

A perfect pair of shoes will ultimately complete the look you need for your wedding. If you are wearing a formal tuxedo then you will need a simple but elegant pair of patent leather shoes. Shoes are usually included in the deal if you are renting the tuxedo but if you are wearing a new suit then feel free to wear a smart and formal pair of shoes you already own. Just make sure they match well and are in good shape. Give it a nice layer of polish and have them looking their best for your special day.

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