Colors to avoid in your wedding attire

With wedding invitations coming with a dress code like ‘dressy casual’ , ‘smart casual’, you can no longer afford to wear only a daytime dress or a cocktail gown or any other evening wear if it was later during the day. However, there are some colors you should steer clear of when dressing for a wedding.


Colors to avoid in your wedding attire

The basic etiquette of a wedding is that you do not try to steal the bride’s thunder. Let the bride have her day and you can have yours. All the colors which are a no-no for a wedding are colors which mostly have this common etiquette in mind. If you have RSVP’d recently to go to a wedding , be sure your dresses are not in these colors-

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  • White – It is the bride’s day and she is the only person who should be wearing it and no one else. You should also stay away from ivory. The rule is that even if the bride is not wearing white due to any reason , you should not wear these colors in any situation. This does not mean that you can have absolutely nothing of the color in your dress but the overall effect should not be completely white or bridal.
  • Black – Whoever quoted that you can never go wrong with black did not have a wedding in his/her mind when they said it. Black is traditionally the color of mourning and protest. Never wear black for a happy occasion like a wedding, especially if the family is traditional. Wearing black will mean you are showing disapproval for the wedding.


  • Red – Red will always turn heads, it is supposed to turn heads and is kind of attention-seeking. Unless you hate the bride and want to steal the limelight from her, only then opt for this color. Even if that is not your intention, it is etiquette that you do not wear red to a wedding. Red, once upon a time was also considered a scandalous color.
  • The same color as the bridal party – We advise you not to wear the same color as what the bridal party is wearing. It might get a little awkward and cause an overdose and overkill of that particular color. We however, do not advise you to go out of the way and find out what they are wearing. In case you are not really close to the organizers, it is possible that you will not know in advance about the color scheme they have planned in mind.

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