Tips to avoid things that can upset your bridesmaids

It is your wedding and you have picked your favorite co-worker, college and school friends, sisters and cousins to be your bridesmaids. Probably many of these young ladies have not met each other before. Since you are busy in planning your wedding, you expect everybody to get along. Most would-be brides throw tantrums and make the bridesmaids victims of their mood swings. Even the sweetest girls sometimes fail to treat their bridesmaids nicely. Well, it is true that as a bride you have to endure a lot of stress and anxiety but that is not a good excuse for irritating your bridesmaids. They have happily agreed to stay by your side on the most crucial day of your life and supported you through the pre-wedding planning. The least you can do is behave nicely. In this article, some tips are discussed that will help you avoid making a negative impression on your bridesmaids.



Do not expect your bridesmaids to become friends instantaneously:

You do not want there to be a cat-fight among your bridesmaids and it is understandable. They all love you but probably don’t know each other. Do not expect them to act like best friends just because it would make your wedding perfect. The best thing to do is to ask all the girls you have picked on an informal get together or lunch. Introduce them to each other and tell the best things you have to say about each. This way they will know that you value them and try to appreciate your efforts by being amiable.


Don’t make them spend too much:

Too many pre-wedding events will make your bridesmaids annoyed with you. Arrange for transportation and make sure that they are not spending more than their capacity on your wedding events.

Tell them what you expect them to look like:

Discuss the wedding venue decorations and themes with your bridesmaids so they have a clear idea about the way they should dress up. Tell them exactly what sort of bridesmaids they should pick.


Don’t act like as if you know best:

Acting like a supervisor, just because you are stuck, is a bad idea. This will make your bridesmaids resent you. Do not boss your bridesmaids and tell them what looks best on them. Make suggestions and learn to request. They are your friends and not slaves.

Don’t be mean:

You want to be remembered as the sweetest bride and not as the cranky dictator. Do not shout or bark directions at your bridesmaids on your wedding day. Eat a wholesome breakfast because a full tummy can keep you in good humor. Always add a please and thank you with your last minute orders.

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