Compact Mirrors with crystals

my friend who is going to get married next week is a huge fashionista! she loves anything to everything which falls under this category! for this very precise reason i am planning to gift her a Compact mirror. but giving an ordinary one won’t suit the occasion. i have checked some from loreal and oriflame but no matter how expensive they are, as a gift they always look incomplete. so now, i have come up with an idea of giving her a compact which is adorned with crystals. i have seen such compacts on the net and they look really beautiful. so can any one of you suggest me any brand which has come up with crystallized compact mirrors? or would i have to go for customization?

i once heard of a diamond studded compact but am not very sure where to get it from? can you suggest any shop in London or maybe any website which serves my purpose? ka-ching is definitely not an issue for the bling-bling compact mirror.

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