Would just a congrats note be a better wedding toasts maid of honor?

My sister doesn’t want me to get into any long speeches as I am the Maid of Honor at her wedding, and she has instead insisted on toasts than the speeches! I know how awful orator am I, and this is why I am really nervous, but I want to do it for my sister. Since the speech, isn’t going to be long, and I know the groom as well, as he has been a very good friend of my sister and mine, I was thinking of starting with an anecdote, which comprises of my sister, her fiancée, and me. Nonetheless, I am not sure whether everyone would find it boring or fine! I really wanted to know from some wedding planner expert whether I should be just off with a congrats note, for the wedding toasts maid of honor, or I should better go with the incidence that happened! Please advice!

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