Contact lenses or glasses: What to use during COVID crisis?


Contact lenses always hold several benefits over glasses. They are convenient to wear, they do not create problems in physical activities, they do not break, and the list is endless. But do contact lenses provide similar or more benefits during the current situation of coronavirus pandemic? Many people have been coming up with this query because they are worried about getting infected with the virus. The answer to this question is, Yes! Contact lenses are still better than glasses in the time of coronavirus.

Contact lenses are not only safe against coronavirus, but they can also be ordered conveniently from websites like contactlenses4us, which makes them extremely efficient in the current situation. Here are a few reasons why you should be choosing contact lenses over glasses to protect yourself from the virus.

1. No Touching

woman-cleaning-GlassesAs you know, coronavirus is spread through touching the virus germs. So doctors recommend everyone to keep their hands off their mouth, eyes, nose, and ears. However, if you wear glasses, then this would not be possible because

  • Glasses get dirty in every bit of time. So you have to clean them to see clearly, which can transfer germs from your hand to the glasses, and ultimately to eyes.
  • If the glasses are not accurately fit on your face, then you would require to adjust them now and then. That means you will be touching your glasses and your face.

On the other side, if you wear contact lenses, then none of these problems happen. You just need to put them in your eyes in the morning and only have to pull them out at the day’s end. So there would be no touching of face throughout the day, keeping you safe from the virus.

2. Convenience

In these times, all we need is convenience because there is already a lot to carry while going out. You need to cover your face with a mask, you need to wear gloves, and you need to take a lot of precautions from the virus. Wearing glasses will only add up to this hassle as it would be creating problems with the weight or the fit. In order to avoid all this hassle, contact lenses can be used. You just have to wear them, and you are good to go. There is no other thing that you need to take care of about contact lenses. So it becomes incredibly convenient for you.

3. Easy to Get

online shoppingAs mentioned above, contact lenses can be easily ordered online. So you do not need to go out to buy them. Though there are websites that allow you to purchase glasses online as well, they have a lot of problems. The websites work fine, but you generally can not order a pair of glasses without checking how it looks on you, or how well it fits. But there is no such problem with lenses. Therefore, they can be bought online and get delivered to your doorsteps.


Along with the benefits that contact lenses have over regular glasses, there are several other advantages that they provide in this coronavirus condition. It is crucial to keep yourself safe right now because the stats are continually increasing, and people are seen facing a lot of problems. You can prevent the virus to some extend by choosing lenses over glasses. 

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