Declare your love with sparkling Cartier engagement rings

Every girl dreams of the perfect proposal. A flawlessly sparkling diamond engagement ring being the commencement of a wonderful and promising future in store. A solitaire is capable of making just about any girl say “Yes”.But,the choice of the ring often puts one in a dilemma. Wondering about the ring made particularly for your special one? Cartier, the famed French jeweller and watchmaker brings you a fascinating collection to choose from. Take a tour of the best Cartier engagement rings picked up by us!

Solitaire 1895 ring H4071500

This one has been one of the favourites, Cartier has to offer since 1895.The sophistication this ring provides is rather remarkable with its fine lines and immaculate designs. The positioning of the centre piece makes the ring an absoulute joy. This is such a classic design that no one can go wrong with this choice. The purity of the platinum is about 95% with a magnificent heart shaped diamond wrought in the centre, the carat ranging from 1.5 to 2.0.Also offered with a pear, marquise, square or oval shaped diamond or with a cushion, princess or radiant cut diamond from 2.00 carat.

Cartier solitaire ring H4203800
The wonderful synchronization between the cut and the setting makes this ring an absolute delight. It skilfully highlights the grace and shows the exquisiteness of the diamonds. The diamonds wrought into the platinum is spellbounding.It assures to brighten up the entire surrounding. The inimitable shape of the ring too is noticeable. The intricacies of the ring are eye catching. The platinum is of the 95% purity and the ring is set with vividly cut diamonds. The central element being yellow and white pear shaped diamonds existing from 3.0 to 3.99 carat.


This solitaire has a subtle beauty and has an obvious trademarked Cartier ‘C’ arc to it. This 95% platinum purity ring with a central lovely diamond of approximately,0.5/1.00/1.50 carat perches itself perfectly on the hands of a bride-to-be. The simplicity of the ring captures one’s heart and manifests one’s love without being too obvious. The central piece is well placed so as to bring out the best and makes it conspicuous.


The mere mention of this ring reminds one of melodies, panache and poise. It brings out the composure of a girl displaying some dream like story to be bore into our minds. The ring has an elusive, womanly setting which is appropriate as the backdrop for the diamonds. The ring has to provide a 95% purity of the platinum and is shaped with magnificently cut diamonds. The centre piece being a 0.50-4.99 carat diamond. The central stone, alone is not enough to make this ring such a beauty but, also the metal loop encrusted with diamonds under the central one.

SOLITAIRE 1895 ring N4201200
Yet, another exclusive one from the Cartier which has been much desired since 1895.It displays some fine craftsmanship. With a purity of 95% of platinum, it presents three well cut and set diamonds to remind one of the hope and love. The three diamonds define the promise of love ,trust and care of the future which is the edifice of the commitment. The diamonds glorify the life of togetherness it brings with itself. Every approach to the ring leaves one sighing with a certain feeling of desire.DÉCLARATION D’AMOUR SOLITAIRE ring N4202000
An extremely chic and contemporary design, this one has a quadri setting and this exemplifies the beauty of the diamond. Purity of the platinum is about 95% with narrowed bead cut diamonds, centre being highlighted by a well cut diamond attainable from 1.00 t 1.15 carats. This has the blend of ethnicity with modernity and is a matchless kind. The ring has different kind of a contour to it which makes it one of a kind. This ring is capable of being the one for today’s woman.BALLERINE SOLITAIRE ring N4207100

This one has a sense of regal to it. Along with the feminine backdrop, it also exudes a certain royalty. The carving is absolutely breath taking and the setting of the diamonds is stunning. The platinum is of 95% purity and it has a beautiful curvature to allow the fixation of the central diamond piece which sparkles brilliantly amongst the arrangement. This ring is competent to strike the correct chord and has a intricacy which cannot be competed with

This ring has a very unique design and often leaves one pleasantly amazed. It’s a simple platinum girdle with a round pattern. The central stone is cut into a circle with a surrounding circular pattern encrusted with diamonds. It is a very interesting depiction. The spiral and the ring can be appreciated for its uniqueness and its excellence seen from whichever angle. The central diamond is available from 0.18 to 0.59 carat and ring itself is embedded with well cut diamonds. The ring signifies the circle of life and that makes the ring that much more beautiful. The love between the couple and the prospect of them being together, too is symbolic from the ring.SOLITAIRE 1895 ring N421000

This ring gives a certain edge to the typical platinum-diamond ring. It exhibits perfect balance between the daintiness and power. It rightly describes the role a woman in today’s society. The ring signifies a modern, stronger woman with the right amount of every characteristic which makes her so much more desirable and wanted. Its a celebration of a woman. Set in 95% purity platinum and has baguette cut diamond placed in the centre. The central piece being between 1.00 to 1.50 carat.

Cartier ring H4140600

Cartier has brought yet, another wonderful ring perfect for asking your beloved the crucial question. This ring is capable of sweeping any girl off her feet to take her into a world of fantasy. The unconditional flawlessness of the ring is beyond comprehension. Set in 95% purity of platinum, it has a proud display of a central oval shaped cut diamond available from 3.00 to 5.00 carats or more. It is also attainable with a cushion cut diamond from 3.00 carat. This ring is the one which goes onto defining the often made statement, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. This one is absolutely stunning in every way and can take a girl’s breath away.

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