DIY: How to make tin can lanterns for your wedding

At times we never imagine that even the disposed and uselessly lying things or a piece of clutter can be used to create beautiful things. Do you know that you can utilize a disposed tin can to make wonderfully lit lanterns for your wedding? This will be a great DIY wedding idea for those who are planning to have a backyard wedding or any other outdoor themed wedding. You can create a magical ambiance with tin can lanterns all around the wedding reception area. Read further to learn more about this DIY.

DIY Tin can lanterns

Difficulty level: Moderately easy

Time required: 10 minutes (one can lantern)

Things needed:

· Hammer

· Nails

· Tin cans

· Candles


Follow these simple steps to obtain your tin can lanterns:

1. Collect some tin cans of as many sizes and shapes you can avail. Wash these and then let them dry.

2. Fill the cans with water and freeze them.

Step 2

3. Put a towel to the floor and place the tin can with the frozen ice onto it.

Step 3

4. Start making holes of various patterns to the tin can.

Step 4

5. You can also use a metal cutter to give shapes other than the holes.

Step 5

6. Paint these cans if you feel like. Rather it is a good thing to do because in the daytime they will serve the purpose of being good wedding decorative items besides glowing with an attractive appeal at the nighttime.

Step 6

7. Put a candle to the lower inner side of the tin can and then place them wherever you feel like in the wedding reception area.

Step 7

Things to watch out for

· When nailing the tin cans, you must be cautious not to distort their shapes.

· Do not involve any kid into this DIY. Even if you get a cut then go for proper first aid. Though it is not that dangerous.

Via: weddingbee

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