DIY Wedding Boutonnière – Top 5 ideas

Ever thought of making your own boutonnière for the big day. You can get innovative and show your creative instincts to the world. All you need is a bit of creativity and some good tips. Below are listed 5 ideas that will help you design your own wedding boutonnière.

Picture boutonnière

This is one of the best DIY wedding boutonniere idea you can try. A picture based boutonniere can be a perfect match to your dress and a tribute to those family members who have passed away. You can put a picture of someone special too. Range of fabric material can be tried for making this picture boutonnière so that it matches your dress. All you need is a picture of your loved one and a matching frame of miniature size. Better if, the frame is of similar colour as the dress.


Trophy boutonniere

This one can be tried for a change. A small white trophy boutonniere having elegantly placed flowers hanging by the hook of your coat is a perfect fit and will attract lot of attention too. Small trophy shaped boutonniere are readily available. All you need are a miniature bunch of flowers. This boutonniere idea is getting popular slowly with people going for the trophy boutonniere.


Flowers in your boutonniere

Flowers hand carved from wood will surprise you as they look almost real. These can be carved out of wood and colored appropriately. These will be perfect fit for your wedding and everyone around is sure to ask you a lot on the way these have been designed. Go for it and be prepared for the complements.


Burlap boutonniere

You can display your craft skills amply with the burlap boutonniere. Tie some buttons together on a piece of cloth matching the coat and add a feather along. The boutonniere looks elegant and you will be the talk of the town.


Pin-wheel boutonniere

This one can be real fun. All you need is a colored paper that matches your wedding suit and you only need to pin a matching button in the centre.

Pin Wheel1

Try these wedding boutonniere ideas and make your big day special.

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