Home Wedding Traditions Which dress can I wear at a Persian wedding?

Which dress can I wear at a Persian wedding?

One of my friends is getting married, and she has invited me as a guest in her wedding. However, I am a bit skeptical as I have never been a part of a Persian wedding, and I am not really well acquainted with the bride as well. Nonetheless, my mom has advised me to go, as she thinks it would not be appropriate, if I don’t go, in spite of the venue being in local. I am really confused with the right dress that I could wear to the wedding, as the one dress that I have is kind of short and is in turquoise color. Nevertheless, another dress that I can wear presently is a black colored dress, which is rather long, and comes to my knee length. Which of these do you think could make an appropriate dress for me to wear to a Persian wedding?

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