Easier way to Six Pack Abs before your Wedding

Preparing for our weddings doesn’t simply mean donning a sherwani and looking pretty on a mandap. Grooms today have to do even more as they want to look good on their weddings and honey moon as well. If you want to look hot enough for your lady, then you better get to work on that tummy. here are some workout tips for you:


Warming Up Exercises:

Toning yourself is not easy, is you are not a frequent exerciser you can end up injuring yourself. Start your workout with a few simple warm up exercises that will help to loosen you up and prevent cramps during your exercises regime. This will also improve the flow of blood to your muscles which is loaded in oxygen. Start with light cardio that target you tummy like stretching you hands over your shoulder, squats,

Cardio Exercise Training:

This will help you maintain the ideal body weight and can help bring about positive changes in your health. Dr. Tommy Boone of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists says that cardio improves how you heart and lungs work as it elevates your heart rate, burns calories.


Types of Cardio:

Running is the best cardio exercise and it’s easy too. You can also take up swimming, cycling, kick boxing, basketball and tennis. Take the help of an instructor if you are new to the world of cardio, cardio should be done for a whole hour thrice a week for any improvements. If you gain weigh easily, take up thirty minutes of cardio.

Push Ups:

Pushups are another sure shot way to get a tighter tummy; they also focus on your triceps and entire upper body. You don’t even require any equipment, make sure that your entire body is straight and remember to breathe in when moving downwards and breathe out when moving upwards. Start slow and gradually pick up your speed.

Stomach Crunches:

If you body is already toned, then stomach crunches are the only thing that you need to do.  You can do different crunches like the reverse crunch, long arm crunch, vertical leg crunch and exercise ball crunch-each one designed to target a specific are of the belly. Lie with your back completely flat on the floor, arms behind your head and contract your tummy muscles while lifting up your shoulders.

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