Papa Bob Dylan is not coming in his daughter’s marriage ceremony!

“I love you more than ever, more than time and more than love…… I love you more than life itself; you mean that much to me.”


Will Bob Dylan not sing this beautiful song in his daughter’s wedding? Yes, possibly he won’t sing this song in his gay daughter’s marriage ceremony. The folk idol Bob Dylan’s daughter Desiree Dennis-Dylan is going to marry her partner Kayla Sampson next August. But unfortunately the much preferred singer songwriter will not walk down the aisle with his daughter. He will not be there to rock the wedding party. He is invited to the wedding party. Bob Dylan didn’t confirm that he will not go there, but it is the assumption of Sampson’s family. Though it is said that the singer is very much satisfied with her daughter’s decision and supportive too, but he might be trying to convey some other message by not attending the wedding celebration.  It is all our assumptions. But the only truth will come out when Bob Dylan opens his mouth on this matter.

What can be the reason?

In Howard Sounes’s biography,the information about Desiree’s birth first came into existence.  In this biography,the information is brought that she was born in the year 1986. She is the daughter of Dylan and Dennis, a former backup singer and the couple got divorced in 1992. Desiree is Dylan’s sixth child, the only child from his second marriage.  Much is not known regarding her birth as she and her father determined to keep this a secret so that Desiree can lead a normal life. When Dylan is so much concern about her daughter, then what is the reason for not attending the wedding party? Is he not really supportive to her daughter’s decision or is he just skipping ups the party for his own professional schedule? The questions will get the answer only when the right time comes. Till now we have to wait.

It is really not expected from a father who never showed any irresponsibility to his daughter. However when he is invited to the party then this means that his relationship with the family is not bad at all.   But Dylan is expected to be really happy for her daughter’s marriage. Has the relationship gone to affect the marriage of Desiree? It can’t be said also as he was much concern about Desiree’s life. We have to keep the eyes on the related news to get the truth behind the scene.

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