Marriages are made in heaven but…


We are born with the belief that marriages are made in the heaven, but unfortunately in contrast to that, we don’t even have the slightest feel of what marriages are all about. What a paradox!! There’s so much hue and cry all around that we should be faithful to our husbands and the other way round. But the bottom truth is unthinkably ugly. Our conscience is dead. It’s not to be taken personally, but we are no less than morons.

Contemporary society is so much filled with materialistic concerns that our age-old traditions and cultures have ‘gone to the dogs’. We are nothing but zombies, trailing blindly on a wasteland…as T.S. Eliot’s famous work Wasteland portrays the 20th century. We regard everything as a crap. We have moved on with the ultra modern age. Gossips and gossips all around fill the horizon…as to who married whom? What did Kevin do with Britney? Well guys, we won’t say that the world should remain static. The society constantly keeps on evolving with newer and newer things.

To all who want to make this world a better place to live in, the Wedding Blog is a living being…a blog that vibrates with a plethora of things. Just as this society keeps on revolving like the circular ruins, the Wedding Blog will always be in the process of becoming but will never become…!!

Looking forward to your brainstorming articles, ideas and comments.


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