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Five useful tips for dealing with misbehaving guests at your wedding

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Everybody dreams of having the perfect wedding where the bride, groom and all the guests would enjoy and have fun. However, sometimes even after planning your wedding for months or even a year, it can be ruined single-handedly by an unruly guest. Drunken guest showing disruptive behavior is the most dreadful thing that can ever happen to a wedding and it is normal for every couple to go to great lengths for avoiding such scenarios. So, here are some great tips you can implement in your wedding to prevent and deal with the misbehaving guests:

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  • Appoint someone from your family or friend circle to monitor the guests

A traditional wedding involves a lot of people from your family and friend circle. You appoint your bridesmaid, maid of honor, best man, ring bearer and so on. Therefore, you can also appoint a trusted someone who is also close to you for keeping an eye on the guest’s behavior and instruct them to intervene immediately if someone starts to misbehave.

  • Request the unruly guest to stop

Most of the people often think that letting someone to go on with their misbehavior instead of confronting them is the best thing to do but this practice only makes the confidence of the misbehaving guest stronger. So, as soon as you get a little hint about someone starting their misbehavior then confront them and ask them to stop it immediately. This action will draw attention towards the guest and he or she will be compelled to stop their unruly attitude.


  • Find their guardian

If the unruly guest happens to be a kid or a teenager who is acting very disobediently then you should immediately find their guardian. After locating the guardian request them kindly to help you stop their kid’s behavior.

  • Don’t panic and remain calm

If you notice that one of your guests has become a troublemaker and can become a big problem in the next few minutes then it’s not the time for you to panic but to take necessary action. Inform your event planner or any of your family member or friend about the unruly behavior and ask them to stop it as soon as possible.


  • Be mean if necessary

If you have tried every tactic and you are still not able to control the troublemaker then give them an ultimatum of either to shape up their behavior or leave the party. This may sound mean but some people only understand the cold language of being mean and it is also not worth to let someone ruin the most special day of your life just because you are too kind to say a few mean words.

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