Flaunt the flowers- Be a Greek Goddess

Flower crowns are not just pretty looking but also gives a pure picture of a romantic Greek Goddess. Flower crowns enhance the elegance and charm of the brides and add that extra saccharine touch to her. As with anything, there are a couple of things you ought and ought not to do with the pretty flower crowns.



The flower in itself is a big style statement. In that case, you have to style your entire wedding day ensemble around the crown. Your gown and accessories should match up to it such that your overall appearance gets you all high compliments. You can go for a Bohemian, Beach or Garden look to get the most efficacious looks with a flower hair wreath. Lacy gowns with a touch of sparkle on your sober jewellery are perfect with a floral hair garland.

Flower crowns look amazingly gorgeous when you nestle it into a plethora of curls. Do your hairs very cautiously. Arrange it in loose waves or a messy knot. You have to have a balance between the flowers in your head and flowers in your hand. Scale the mass. If you have a larger bridal bouquet, wear a delicate flower crown. However, if you want a crown craved of garden flowers, then you should carry a smaller bouquet or even a single pretty bloom will add elegance.


Keep calm and let your hairdressers do your hair. There are lists of almost everything they keep in head for your wedding day. Explain them your ideas, or the way you want to put the crown up. Your hairdressers and make-up artists want to make sure every bit of your attire is in proper form and the colours and mass are balanced. They not only see if your complexion blends with your make-up, but also how the flowers set in your hair.



Don’t get the combination of a satin ball gown with flower wreaths at your ultra-formal wedding. It will get you a very out-of-place feeling – something of the ancient ages. Do not be so finicky about getting your crown done by a professional where you have to spend extra. Believe it, the pennies shelled is absolutely worth the grace and charm you will wear on. The final ’DO NOT’ thing is, do not be conscious or scared of your flower hairdo.

You are ready to look like a Gorgeous Greek Goddess.

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