George at Asda launches cheapest bargain bridal lingerie for brides

Decided on your wedding day, and like all good ladies you must be looking for some great bridal lingerie for yourself! But then you do not have that much budget to buy those lovelies. So why worry? Because just for the brides who love to bargain and keep their budget intact; George at Asda has launched the cheapest in the market bridal lingerie. In the times, when some of the retailers are charging as much as 282% on the regular lingerie collections the George has launched just a four-piece collection that is bridal inspired. The collection starts as low as $18.36 and ranges up to $25.54! Guess that is cheaper than cheap!

Bridal inspired lingerie by George

Generally, if you are looking for bridal lingerie set from any other place then the cost lies in the ranges of $98.98 to $319.30. This fact makes this Asda collection 1639% cheaper than others! As per a survey, generally people are more inclined to spend not more than $79.81 for the bridal lingerie. So this George collection at Asda will be a good bargain to all those people. Fiona Lambert, who is a the brand director at George told that the brides-to-be always desire to be the best on their big day but they might not want to spend too much an amount of money on their bridal lingerie. So to give them a chance to feel happy and adorn about their beauty, the bridal inspired collection by George comes to rescue.

Starting from this month only the bridal inspired lingerie is all on sale. Those who like to have a pair or two with them can shop the lingerie at George’s online store as well. The collection comprises of these four pieces:

· The George’s satin pleat bra costing $12.77

· The George’s satin pleat suspender belt costing $6.38

· The George’s satin pleat short costing $5.58

· The George satin pleat basque costing $19.15

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