How to handle a shopaholic wife

Most women are avid shoppers. So, this very behavioral trait among the fairer sex is tolerable to a certain degree. But what if your wife is a shopaholic? We can perhaps guess how difficult it is for you to see your hard earned cash getting drained out uselessly. But, objecting her to go for shopping unnecessarily might put your marriage at stake. She can prowl upon you, remarking that you are trying to curb her personal freedom. Thus, most of the times husbands like you suffer silently. Unfortunately, you cannot take any positive step to help your better half get rid of such a wasteful passion. But we are always there at your rescue with our expert tips. Try them out and see your spendthrift wife changing for the better!

Make a monthly budget

Most often shopaholics are clueless whether they will really need a particular thing or not. Finally, they end up buying things that are either useless for their family. The result is definitely drainage of money. Thus, you have to sit with your wife and prepare a monthly list of things you need and the expenditure that you can make. You must also take into account the amusements you opt for during weekends and the money you spend on them. Hence, next time your wife visits a shop, she will know what is actually required for the family and what will be sheer wastage.

Manage debit cards and debit cards

These cards are fire in the hands of shopaholics and sure to burn their fingers. So, the most vital thing is to discourage your shopaholic wife, so that she does not wish to own any debit card or credit card. Explain to her the grave advantages of these cards in such a manner that she is literally terrorized about these. Even if she owns them, encourage her to keep them at home when she goes out.

Limit cash inflow in her hand

Another way of preventing her from spending money unnecessarily is to limit the availability of surplus cash in her hand. In case of a house wife it is much easier. But the greatest challenge will be working wives. You need to be a bit cleaver. Ask her to deposit most of her money in the fixed deposit rather than keeping them at home. Explain to her that she will earn a handsome interest on them.

Keep a record of daily expenditure

Ask her to join you in creating a record of monthly expenditure and track how much you spend per day. If she spends more on a particular day, the results will be in front of her. Therefore, she will be alarmed and think of being a bit miser the following day.

Avoid going to places that offer discounts

Places that offer discounts are heavens for avid shoppers. Things being sold at cheaper rates than usual tempt them. Consequently, they spend money like anything and bring homes piles of goods that are literally unnecessary. So, every time you go out with your wife avoid such places altogether.

Never go to fairs

Fairs are extremely exciting for all of us. But if your wife is a shopaholic, fairs are hell for you. You will only find your money getting drained out as water in exchange of all the useless dumps. So, go to every other place but not fair at all.

Play money managing game

Make things interesting for your wife to manage her shopaholic nature. So, create a money managing game and include your wife in the same too. Ask her to beat her spendthrift attitude every day by being a bit miser the following day. After some time she will find it interesting to save rather than to spend.

Encourage her to accumulate wealth

Shopaholics love things in the counter and hanging from the shelves at the store more than the money they have. But, you just do the opposite to motivate your wife. Set a financial target in the bank and encourage her to reach that target. After sometimes, when she finds that she had accumulated quite a lot of wealth, money will be more important for her than shopping.

Create an enjoyable pastime

Most women go for shopping as that is their chief pastime. But you have to break this. Help her develop a constructive hobby that involves more time than money. Encourage hobbies like gardening, pet care, etc.

Reach out to her mind

Some women become shopaholic in order to hide mental depression, feeling of alienation or things like that. So, be your wife’s best friend and try to find out if she has similar issues too. In case if she has anything like that sort that out amicably.

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