Get the perfect wedding backdrop with these ideas and inspirations

perfect wedding backdrop

A good wedding backdrop can make your wedding pictures very beautiful. When you are planning a wedding every small aspect plays a vital role in the overall feel, looks of the wedding. Even the smallest factor like the decorations you choose can create a big impact on the environment that you plan to set for your wedding. By using backdrops that match the concept and theme of your wedding, you can easily fill the empty spaces.

Backdrops have a multifunctional purpose

perfect wedding backdrop

Backdrops come in handy for a variety of reasons, they not only enhance and cover the open available space, but they will also assure that you get some good pictures of the most special day of your life. With a simple backdrop, you can get the most amazing results and enhance your wedding decor to a very different level. Here are a few ideas of wedding backdrop decor that you can choose for your venue.

The leafy backdrop with names embedded in soothing colors

In this theme, you can have a backdrop made from leaves to your wedding. At reception, you can put the name of the bride, and groom on a huge leaf. You can also use a leaf to convey a special message or just the best wishes for the couple. If you want to bring a change to this particular theme, you can choose multi colored leaves to make it a little interesting.

A white fence backdrop with flowers

For this, all you need is a simple white fence, and then you can arrange flowers in the form of a design. You can improve your design by adding in a few creepers to fill in the space.

Heart shaped backdrops

perfect wedding backdrop

What is better than having a heart shaped backdrop for a wedding day? You can plan to have a large sized backdrop shaped in the form of a heart with red roses or even fill it with ribbons, or you can just have a plane cardboard in red color upon which the name of the couple is engraved.

A cloth backdrop with ribbons and flowers

A simple White colored cloth backdrop can make a huge impact and can be designed in a variety of ways. To make the backdrop more interesting you can use ribbons or even place flowers on the corners of the backdrop.

Backdrops made from light streamers

You can also consider using light streamers to create a multi-colored backdrop. This is one of the most effective solutions because it serves the purpose of having a backdrop and takes care of the lighting needed to decorate the wedding venue. There are endless possibilities of what all you can do with a backdrop made from light streamers.

Display and shelving backdrops

perfect wedding backdrop

A unique idea of a backdrop would be of having shelves or racks and decorating them with various things such as candles in cups, streamers made from flowers and leaves, fruits and plants. Another great idea for this particular concept would be to have frames of pictures of various special moments that the couple has shared before their wedding. This can include memories of shared engagement, fun times that the two have shared together or any other such moments that hold a lot of value for both of them.

A wired backdrop with flowers, ribbons or various kinds of hangings

A wired backdrop can be decorated in the most innovative manner to bring out uniquely designed backdrops. From ribbon to flowers various other decorative items can easily fill a wired backdrop just the way you want to. It would be even better if you add a few light streamers to it so that it brings in the brightness and mood of the wedding.

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