Glittery gold wedding shoes

Wedding shoes have to highlight your personality and yet match the theme of your wedding and the dress. The collection of glittering gold sequined shoes featured here meets all the required conditions and more- but you as the bride will be the best judge of the shoes that best match your big day! Each of these shoes has been carefully selected to reflect individual and eclectic style. Each shoe of the collection can be paired with wedding trousseau for brides of different cultural inclinations. The high heels moderate the lines of your body and accentuate the fall of your bridal dress.

Gold sequins High-heeled wedding shoes

These shoes are meant to be paired with glittering evening dresses and with wedding gowns. The golden sequins scattered on the top of the shoes enhance the elegance of the classic peep toe. The 4” heels are just the right size to add to your height, yet not to overwhelm you with the task of balancing on mile high heels all night. These shoes come in true to size varieties so there is no need to adjust your purchase to get a better fit.

Nina Evelixa
A 4 ¼”heeled gold satin dazzler; this shoe can be easily paired with every cut and style of a bridal dress. What is more, you can get these elegant peep toe pumps in a variety of other colors to match with dresses in your trousseau for other important events. It is advised that you buy a size that is exactly ½ sizes bigger than your regular shoe size. This will guarantee a snug and comfortable fit.Touch Ups Katrina

Not all shoes have to come in sky-high heels, sometimes, you need reasonable sizes to comfortably enjoy an evening (especially, if it includes a hectic running around). The Touch Ups Katrina is popular not just with the brides but also with relatives of interest such as the mother of the bride or mother of the groom (or the bridesmaids). The shoes have an attractive rhinestone (albeit plastic) patterns to add to the golden glitter. Buy half a size larger than your regular shoe size to make sure there are no fitting issues on D-Day.

Touch Ups Women’s Chanelle Platform Sandal
The Chanelle series is designed to reflect the perfection of your glittering day. This particular platform sandal boasts a heel of 3 3/8” and offers a glittering ‘Waterfall of diamonds’ design. The shoe has a textured sheen, which offsets the rhinestones and brings out the glitter without making it look too glitzy. There are varieties of available colors but the gold satin pair is best for shimmering beige or champagne colored dresses.Gold High Heel Wedding Platform
Decadent is the other name for this model. This is definitely a shoe for the big occasion. Feather and flowers with rhinestone pattern design; this shoe has got it all, including the gold detailing on the heels. The platform with the pointed heel (3cm platforms with 12 cm heels), gives just the right boost to your height to offset the lines of your figure in the bridal dress. You can wear this shoe with a shorter hemline classic dress to make a bold statement.Jeweled Evening Dress Open Peep Toe Rhinestone High Heel Sandal Shoes GOLD
The name clearly suggests the purpose- this is a heavily jeweled pair of open peep toes. The shoes match ornate embellished gowns; however, you might want to dress up the plainer gowns with this shoe just to bring out the contrasts and not to overwhelm the look. The heel height is 3” and they are stiletto pumps. The heels as well as the arch of the shoes are embellished with detailed rhinestone patterns. Obviously, you can pair the shoe with a short just as well as a trailing train gown.Gucci Gold Signature Logo Heels Slip Ons Sandals
The brand speaks for the expected quality and these shoes do deliver. They are designer gold slip ons, perfect for any elaborate eveningwear. The 3 ¾” heels (10 ¾” insoles) accentuate every kind of height and are comfortable enough for an evening of dancing and fun. The heels do not have any fancy detailing but the classically simple look of the textured gold with the signature logo, is enough to hold its own with every kind of wedding dresses.Peep-toe Platform heel Gold Glitter
These shoes match the grandeur of your ceremony and look incredibly charming. Firstly, the heel height is a whopping 6” from the ground with a 1.5” platform. This gives an added boost to your height to help support a trailing train for any kind of figure. Of course, the heel is decorated with a charming cluster of flowers on cement textured gold peep toes; which makes them just as easy on the eyes when paired with a short hemline( so easily visible under the dress). You do have to take some extra precautions to take care of the shoe (also, slender sky-high heels are not for the first time heel experiences!). You can expect a true to size purchase, so, it is not necessary to buy a larger size for a better fit.

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