Gorgeous yellow wedding shoes

The wedding day holds a special place in the heart of every woman. When you are the bride, every accessory matters. Hence, it is very important that you hand pick your accessories with great care.

In a wedding, the accessories of the bride should echo harmony. Your shoes should complement the glory of your wedding dress. Shoes come in a variety of colors and style. Yellow is one such color that epitomizes cheerfulness and joy. Choose your favorite pair of yellow shoes for your wedding and make this day unforgettable.

Yellow and crystal bling peep

High-heeled, sling back peep toe pumps, which will suit every woman’s feet. The peep-toe feature gives a relaxed feel to the pumps. When the toes appear at the tip of the shoes, they break the monotony. The soles and heels are coated with crystals, which gives a shimmering effect.

Yellow is the sunshine colour, which spreads an air of happiness and gaiety. The sole and heel are made of wood. Hence, the wearer will make soft sounds of wood while walking. She can adjust the sling backs according to her comfort level.

Evelixa bridal shoes

These shoes are Ideal for the wedding scene. Peep-toe pumps give a stylish appearance to the wearer. The heels are ½ inch high with leather sole. There is a dainty-looking pleated ribbon on the vamp of the shoes. It is entirely covered in satin with super-soft and smooth touch to it.

The colour shimmers in its satin look and provides an even tone to the shoes. The beautifully tucked wavy ribbon gives it an ultimate feminine touch. It has a wide base, which provides comfortable space for the feet.

Nina Women’s Culver Bridal Pump

These pumps will make you look drop-dead gorgeous. The design is so elegant. The yellow color gives it a very bright and happy air. It is covered in fabric for providing soft touch to your feet and a shiny appearance. The fabric folds into a nice twist over the vamp. The heels are 2.5 inches high.

The pumps have a revealing inner arch, which gives your feet breathing space and curvaceous look. These shoes have a cushioning for the comfort of the wearer.


Peep toe pumps always give you graceful appearance, which is so important at a wedding. These pumps let you show off just a little bit of your toes. The heel is 3 inches high with a wide rest on top. Your feet can rest really well in these shoes.

Coming to the base of the shoes, the space is quite wide at the bottom. In order to make it even more comfortable, the base is completely padded which facilitates cushioning to the feet.

Ann Marino Women’s ‘Misti’ Gold/ Yellow Wedge Sandals

These shiny pair of sandals that are made of manmade material will surely make heads turn. The yellow color has more of a golden touch to it giving it a majestic aura. The vamp has a single band going across and letting you expose all the fingers of your feet. There is a single strap, which properly secures the foot.

The heel or the wedge is the highlight of this pair of shoes. It is 4 inches high and blends beautifully with its base. You will not feel any pain while wearing theses sandals because they have padded foot bed.

Yellow Peep Toe Ankle Strap Stiletto Heel Shoes

These are gorgeous-looking pair of peep toe sandals. The colour yellow with black edges lends proper definition to this footwear. The combination of yellow and black is very fascinating. The fabric is soft and has soft pleats at the vamp. There is nothing monotonous about this pair of shoes.

The peep toe feature gives a very flirty look to this beautiful pair. The black outline around the edge makes the toes look even more prominent. There are straps, which again give a gentle air to this footwear.

Bourne Women’s Talisa T-strap Sandal

These sandals are covered in a shimmering look. The colour yellow is always associated with royalty. These sandals bring you closer to feeling like a royal because of the encrusted crystals in the front. The footwear is made of leather and also has a leather sole. The heel is 4.5 inches high.

The footwear has a touch of silver on the inner side, which makes it look quite dainty. There are three gems in quick succession going from the bottom up until the top. At the top, there is a strap for softly embracing the foot.

Blue River Island Yellow Peeptoe Leather Platform Shoes

The shoes are made of leather with a grainy touch and snake effect. It has a matte finish. The heel is around 4.5 inches in height. The peep toe is not wide, which gives a very cute look to the feet. The bases of the shoes are broad. Hence, the feet rest in them with ease.

You will not have any difficulty in walking with these sandals on because there are straps, which secure the feet comfortably to the shoes. Your feet will not get tired or go through any discomfort as the base of the sandals is padded.

Nina Women’s Evelixa-Ls Open-Toe Pump

These shoes are bound to enhance your appearance manifold. The yellow colour is so radiant that your feet will look stunning. These shoes have satin finish and remarkably gorgeous look. A shimmering ruffle on the open toe adds to its beauty.

The open toe is not very wide. Hence, the 4” stiletto heels are very easy on legs. The inside has a smooth lining with padded foot bed. The ½-inch platform midsole and flat traction outsole create the perfect fit.

Yellow Velvet Shoes

A fitting example of exclusive workmanship, these yellow peep toes are just right for your wedding day. These peep toes are covered in velvet, which gives a soft air to this footwear. The straps look stylish as they fasten the feet well to the shoes.

The base of the footwear is covered with flower prints. As you wear these shoes, your ankles are well covered and they look shapely. The vamp of these shoes has a feminine cut to it.

Choose the bridal shoes that make you cynosure of all eyes on your wedding day. Steal hearts and mesmerize everyone with these extraordinarily beautiful and comfortable shoes.

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