Go creative on the wedding proposal with these ideas

There are zillions of ways to propose to your loved one. Why not find a unique way to propose, as you will tell the story to your friends and family several times for the coming years.

Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

Surprise your loved one by proposing differently over a cup of coffee. Paint the inside base of your coffee mug with the proposal. After finishing the perfectly blended coffee, let your love be fascinated.

Inside a Book

wedding ring

Even if you aren’t a big reading fan, a book can come handy. Choose a thick book and perform some surgery inside. Leave a couple of initial pages and then cut out, say about 300 pages or more from the center. Leave the last 100 or 50 pages intact, place a wedding ring inside the book. Present your love with the book and propose immediately after the book is opened.


scuba dive

You will have to make certain arrangements before you take your loved one for a scuba dive. With the help of the instructor, tie a banner saying, “Will you marry me?” to rocks at the floor of the water body. Explain the sign language used underwater to your love, for any sort of conversation. A thumbs up for yes and thumbs down for no. Surprise your loved one with the proposal underwater.

At a Party at Home

Male kneeling with a bunch of flowers and excited female

Take the help of your friends and family for this way. Arrange a party at home, make your friends wear a t-shirt with the characters of the phrase, “Will you marry me?” Assemble them for a group photo, and organize them correctly. Propose your love of life in this unique fashion and keep the photograph as a lifelong memory.

On the Plate

happy couple celebrating with wine and cake

Go to a bakery and ask the baker to write the proposal with icing on the cake. Take your lover to a bakery and show him/her the cake, kneel down for the dramatic effect. Later take the cake and celebrate (hopefully)!

At the Beach

beach tourism

Take your partner to the beach and indulge in building sand castles. While having fun, sneak the ring in the tallest tower, without your partner noticing. Surprise your partner by kneeling down the moment he/she discovers the ring.

Underneath a Kite

Cheerful Couple Playing Kite by the Beach

Invite your love for a kite flying session. Let your partner notice the magical words, “Will you marry me?” underneath the kite. Smile and kneel down for the response.

Taking your partner with surprise is the best thing you can do while proposing, add spice and flavor to your proposal and make it more interesting.

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