Ideas to make the most of a wedding shower

Before we share ideas for the wedding shower, we would like to throw some light on how the concept actually evolved. The tradition originated before the 1900s, inspired from the dowry rituals. A bride was given gifts by her friends to offer as a dowry to the groom, if the family of the bride was poor and could not afford to give a dowry. Also, if the father of the bride disapproved of the marriage then the friends of the bride stepped forward.

Make the wedding shower a special one for your friend or family member by incorporating these creative ideas.

Funny Advice Cards

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To make the event hilarious you can custom design funny advices cards or get these cards from a store. People in the gathering will have fun while reading out the funny advices given to the bride. It will keep everybody entertained and on the same page. The bride might actually want to thank some of the people for their advice.

A Creative Scavenger Hunt Game

A Bright Idea

Scavenger Hunt is usually a common game at the parties, you can add your creative ideas to make the game an interesting one. This would keep everybody busy, and laugh at the funny tips given by you. Small, silly items can be looked for by the guests, let them go crazy and enjoy the event.

A Fancy Cake

wedding cake cutting

The guests at the event can relish a designer cake. No, need to wait for the wedding day for a cake. On the wedding day the cake is going to be much larger, the wedding shower cake could be something different. The cake will grab the attention of everyone especially if it is funny. On the other hand, the cake could be of an uncommon flavor to tangle the taste buds of the invitees.

A Candy Bar

A Candy Bar

The guests could choose their favorite candies from a variety of candies at the station. They can use the signature styled bags kept alongside to take away the candies of their choice. These bags will remind them of the event and the fun they had there.

Write About the Couple

Write About the Couple

The guest can be requested to write something about the couple in a book. It could range from how they knew them or a funny encounter with the bride or the groom. This book will be a memory of the day, and you can refer to it any time later and refresh your memories.

Don’t let your wedding shower be boring, make it different so that your friends remember it for a lifetime.

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