Groomsmen Gifts Unique

hi. can anybody tell me about unique gifts that can be gifted to groomsmen? i would like something different for all three of them. i am plannin to give them something which is of their choice and not exactly of mine. i wanted to take them along with me for shopping. but then i ditched the plan. i think this isn’t exactly the solution to my problem. if i btake them along, maybe they won’t go for what they like if its priced high. and will settle for something else. and if they choose anything with a high price tag, my tight budget won’t allow me to do dat and i’ll be embarrassed. so, i think it’ll be better if i gift them something on my own. of course with the help of advice. two of them are gay and recently married, while another one is an antique collector. i think i wud like to gift them something on these basis only….

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